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The Bliss Continues


Welcome home to yourself, this work, and this expanding community.

Consider this your invitation to invest in self-care on a monthly basis, to put bliss on your calendar and to amplify your connection to a vibrant community of women. The Membership is a space where we can grow together, learn together and always, always belong. We know this work is better, together.

We know that community and accountability is vital to our own growth. We want to continue what was created during Seven Weeks to Bliss where we are putting the tools to work, sharing from a vulnerable space and leaning on one another.

This work layers and often we need to live these tools in community to feel a sense of accountability, ‘me too's and to strengthen our capacity for compassion.

This is truly where intention meets action.


Current Member? Enter the private landing page below.


Our intention for this space


To get curious, get accountable with our community, and be responsible for our bliss moment-to-moment, choice-by-choice. We know that this work takes effort and as we spoke about the beautiful balance of effort and play, effort and play, this is a space to breathe, get real, pause, take purposeful action, and let sh*t go.


What’s included in the membership?

  • Rotating monthly intention to guide the content & exploration

  • Live video call // 1st of each month // 9 am PST

  • 3 worksheets delivered to your inbox each month:

    • Weekly fill-in calendar to rock your bliss your own way

    • Intentions & Commitment worksheet to intentionally live your values

    • Revolving Monthly Theme worksheet with tools & journal prompts to explore with us

  • Commitment + Accountability

  • Bonus surprise & delight content every month




$22 per month

Time to invest in yourself. We can’t wait to live, share and try on these tools with you!

*Note: You must have completed our foundational program, Seven Weeks to Bliss, to join The Membership.

Join The Membership

Our next call will take place on November 1st, 2019. Membership is OPEN ENROLLMENT, feel free to sign up at any time and we will get you welcomed into this space. Welcome to life after Seven Weeks to Bliss!

Current Member? Enter the private landing page below.

Have questions? We’d love to answer them! Contact us at



What's required to begin?
You must have completed our foundational course, Seven Weeks to Bliss. It's offered 3-4 times a year so just reach out and we will get you signed up.

How is this billed?
You will be billed on the 1st of each month through Moonclerk, our membership platform.

What if I don’t have Facebook?
No problem. You could create a hidden Facebook account to just see the content. Or, we can set you up with an email partner to discuss the content!

How will I receive information each month?
You will receive a newsletter on the first of each month with all your info, Zoom link for the live call and your bliss worksheets! We will also be keeping the conversation very alive on the private Facebook Group page with announcements at the top!

What if I cannot make the live call time?
No worries, we press record every single time and it will be available on our Membership page on the website and the Facebook Group. You can listen in the bathtub at your leisure!

How do I cancel?
Sad to see you go! Please send an email to before the final day of the month and we can cancel your auto payment. There are no refunds available.