Welcome to the Rock Your Bliss podcast with co-hosts Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue. This podcast is an interview series filled with inspirational conversation, self inquiry into how to rock your bliss and storytelling from inspiring humans all over the globe. The intention of each episode is to provide insight, tools and a new way of thinking to make shift happen in your days, weeks and perhaps even your life. Join us on this journey. We'd love to hear from you along the way.

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Welcome to Season 3!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ How home feels right now & creating space for nesting

+ Our relationship with food, health & our responsibility to our bodies

+ What health means for each of us & the power of slowing down

+ What our workouts look and feel like NOW

+ Changing our thoughts to empower our bodies

+ Creating a new sense of normal

+ Debunking the reward system for our health & establishing a pause to reflect/re-evaluate

+ Setting boundaries to support our bodies - where are our forms of restoration?

+ Our vision for our health for the next year


“Health, for me, is feeling good and being in relationship with what I put in my body while taking responsibility for how I feel everyday.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Health, now, for me, is what I’m putting in my body that feels good. Food & thoughts. Health is about gratitude for this body that does so much.” - Jacki Carr

“I do things now to feel a certain way, not look a certain way.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Health is so personal. It’s about what makes YOU feel good.” - Mary Beth LaRue  

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MC Yogi

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss and what it means to MC Yogi

+ Navigating life’s sharps edges through yoga & hip hop

+ How MC Yogi was born?

+ The power of relationship and building a partnership/business/life with your spouse

+ Examining your soul’s purpose and pilgrimage and where it is found NOW

+ Finding balance inside a life on the road

+ Embracing fear and uncertainty as a door instead of a wall


“Bliss is when your eyes roll back, your skin softens and you breathe a little deeper, everything starts to hum and vibrate and tingle and it makes everything feel ecstatic...Bliss is one of the things that got me into yoga.” -MC Yogi

“A soulmate is someone who will wait for you and someone you can be with, even in those final moments, that’s your person.” -MC Yogi

“Art helps me to understand myself more.” -MC Yogi

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 MB interviews Jacki

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss & How Jacki accesses it NOW

+ Unlearning especially with people pleasing AND money

+ Creating balance within our day-to-day

+ Crafting Visions through New Lens & When to create a new one

+ Attachment versus Commitment

+ Speaking to your future self

+ Goal Hangovers - What to do after you reach a goal

+ Talking to & Loving all the parts of yourself

+ “Owning Your Nerd”


“Bliss is usually at least 28 minutes into any life practice. Bliss to me is when I get through all those thoughts and I look around, I see where I am, I see what I created and I feel fully full. Release the bullshit to get to the bliss” - Jacki Carr

“I set a vision so I have direction AND a path set in possibility, versus reaction to the now.” - Jacki Carr

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Our Husbands

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ What bliss means to our husbands

+ Marriage & What it means to be a family of four

+ The roots of Rock Your Bliss, how we’ve evolved & the vision for the future

+ What bliss means NOW and creating daily steps to create it

+ Navigating friendship and partnership


“If I didn’t have her [Jacki], I would be sitting back wishing my life my different. But luckily enough, I have her and I don’t have to think about that.” -Chris Hynes, Jacki’s Husband

“They [our husbands] allow us to be in a partnership [with each other], beyond our partnership. Our quadrant is vivacious.” - Jacki Carr

“We get to see how you two grow as individuals, and as business partners, and then as leaders in your community.” - Matt Aporta, MB’s Husband

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Rachelle Tratt

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Rachelle’s definition of bliss

+ Keeping Entrepreneur Life & Business Life Soulful

+ The organic evolution of creating The Neshama Project

+ Virgo-ness and finding balance in the everyday

+ Healing through Yoga - especially through trauma

+ Embracing going your own way - owning your natural state of aliveness

+ Honoring our sense of play

+ Rachelle’s rituals for embodied living

+ Embracing and loving all the parts of ourselves as we age


“Bliss to me is when I am fully in the moment, no longer in my past story and not projecting anything into the future, but I am fully engaged in what I love and what brings me joy in the moment.” - Rachelle Tratt  

“Dancing is my purest form of yoga.” - Rachelle Tratt

“You can always find a beat.” - Rachelle Tratt

“Your silence is needed as much as your energy.” - Rachelle Tratt

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Melissa Hartwig

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Melissa’s definition of bliss

+ Whole30 & Self-experimentation with our food

+ How to mentally prepare for taking on Whole30, especially emotionally

+ Establishing New Normals, especially around food & our health

+ How do you navigate the rules of the Whole30 Program? What do you do when you “fail”?

+ Growth Mindset & Our Relationship with Food & Our Bodies

+ Melissa’s Day-to-Day Rituals - Morning Routine is ESSENTIAL!

+ Keeping it real online - Melissa’s relationship & boundaries with social media

+ Melissa’s Tips on Social Media Boundaries & Keeping It Real:

    • Personal versus Intimate

    • Use social media as a permission slip to exist as a space to let you grow

    • Pause, Process then Share (if you want to)

    • Does it serve you?


“The word bliss means being fully present and immersed in your moment and totally content in your moment, wherever that is. It is this acceptance, gratitude and peace.” - Melissa Hartwig

“[On social media]I share what is personal, but not intimate. You have to make it serve you.” - Melissa Hartwig

“I’ve found, if I can bookend my day with a good healthy routine in the beginning and a little bit of a wind down routine at night, then I can allow myself all of the spontaneity and flexibility in the middle of my day.” - Melissa Hartwig

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Jacki interviews MB

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ MB and How bliss evolves over time

+ Bliss in Your Body - choosing new perspectives moment-to-moment

+ Beyond the Social Media Self & What Feels Real

+ MB’s life practices

+ Seeking balance in our everyday

+ Redefining where/when/how we “Fail”

+ Leaning into our Why

+ Deep diving into Gratitude

+ Examining our Expectations

+ MB’s Top 3 Teachers

+ What MB has learned from Jacki & Finding a Co-Founder in Life & Business


“At 34, bliss means quiet moments, sustainable joy. Moments where I choose something that’s a better fit for me, whether that is a perspective or an action, self care, a way of showing up. That comes from knowing yourself. Bliss, to me, is the payoff of getting to know yourself.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“[In] Real life, I’m trying to balance what’s ahead of me, and still do the things that are important to me….what has to happen today and what I want to happen today, and then I meet it somewhere in the middle.” -Mary Beth LaRue

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Megan Monahan

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss and what is means to Megan

+ Emotional freedom and where to find it

+ Finding space between your thoughts

+ Megan’s definition of Spiritual Real Talk

+ Inviting wisdom into our lives as a practice

+ Finding lightness & ease & play in our meditation practice

+ Megan’s meditation practice and how it started and has evolved over time

+ Writing a book, being a beginner and finding challenge in new things


“Bliss is emotional freedom.” - Megan Monohan

“Our mind is where all the constriction is. Your mind gets in the way.” - Megan Monohan

“Invite in a practice that allows you to shift at a deeper level.” - Megan Monohan

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Yami Mufdi

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss and what it means to Yami

+ Yami’s journey from dancing to modeling to bodybuilding  

+ Exploring health from a place that feels embodied rather than socially accepted  

+ Honoring and listening to your own body and exploring balance in health

+ Creating freedom in your fitness routine to align with your values

+ Learning where to break the rules in life when it doesn’t fit for you

+ Discovering our values as a guidepost for evolving

+ Making space for rocking self-love

+ Creating soulful community on social media


“Bliss is the peaceful moments that you can’t put a name to.” -Yami Mufdi

“I want to give more feelings to people. When someone comes to my Instagram, I want to provide something to them.” -Yami Mufdi

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