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Our true purpose as humans is to continuously grow and evolve.

Real talk: are you evolving?

Seven Weeks to Bliss is an online course created by Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr to share tools to connect you to your unique and self-defined bliss. We welcome a supportive and safe community of people ready to disrupt the status quo and do the work. When you decide to rock your bliss, you are signing up for transformational coaching and community unlike any other program available.


 Ready to Rock Your Bliss?

Join us for our foundational program, Seven Weeks to Bliss.

Join us for the next round in early 2020!

Community. Connection. Vulnerability. Accountability. You in?

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make shift happen

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"Seven Weeks To Bliss was exactly what I needed to light a fire under my butt and make self-care a priority. I’ve been working on observing my thoughts and making them more positive for years, but this program helped me to make those changes more concrete. I go to therapy twice a month and this program was the perfect way of complementing my therapy sessions and helping me to take those lessons with a therapist our of the office and into my daily life. I can’t recommend this program enough! If you’re feeling stuck I guarantee this will help you find yourself!" - Emma Haddon  


Whats included in the program?


+ A 27 page digital workbook with weekly homework to cultivate and craft your bliss.

+ Weekly Rock Your Bliss videos in your inbox to share each week's content.

+ A private Facebook Accountability group for sharing, community building and connection.

+ Weekly recorded conference calls on Wednesdays afternoons (12pm PST) with us LIVE to take the material deeper, together. Available for listening on your time, any time.

+  One month of yoga and meditation classes.

+ Weekly curated playlists for you to move and homework to.

+ A new set of tools and perspectives to rock your bliss, your way.

+ Exclusive access to our Rock Your Bliss Membership after the program concludes.

* You can always go at your own pace. Community accountability and support available when or if you want it!





Week 1: Root

This week, we will dive into your roots, your home base and explore your values and soul. We will discover your inner GPS and explore the practice of living in alignment with our values.


Week 2: Embody

This week, we will explore how you feel and what you choose to create. Everything has the potential to be expressed creatively and honestly. This expression is what makes you, you.


Week 3: Create

In this week, we will explore the ego and the power in knowing what you do want and what you do not want. Distinguishing between external power versus the power within, it can be beautifully quiet there.


Week 4: Love

This week we will journey to the heart. We will adventure into love in all forms, the giving and receiving.


Week 5: Speak

In this section, we are talking communication. The ability to communicate is your bridge; how you convey your inside world to the outside world.


Week 6: See

Resistance creates more of the same but trying on a new perspective is a way to create your life moment to moment. Let’s dive into the future and go see your vision for your beautiful and blissed life.


Week 7: Trust

When you lean into the present moment, get aligned in your body and fully trust that there is a greater connection at work, this is where you rock the bliss.




Time to invest in yourself. Sign Up for the Waitlist Below!

We begin again in early 2020.

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“Seven Weeks to Bliss helped me realign with my goals and my vision of where I’m going. Jacki and MB bring so much soul and wisdom to the weekly calls and offer vulnerability in sharing their own journeys and personal work.  It’s a supportive setting, and I highly recommend it to any woman ready to dig deep and create a more meaningful life.” - Kate Potvin




What are the dates for each call? The program dates will be announced early 2020.

What if I have to miss the live conference calls, will I miss a bulk of the program? Not at all. The program is built to be supportive and accountable yet can always be go-at-your-own-pace.  Every single call will be recorded and sent directly to you to listen in at your leisure!

What can I expect each week?
Each week, you will be delivered an email containing the content for the week. The email will include a video from us, workbook notes, an exercise, a journal prompt and a playlist for the week. The private Facebook group and LIVE one-hour conference calls are available weekly and you get to choose an accountability partner to share notes, ideas, thoughts, and questions that come up along the way, and to create community!

What if I don't have Facebook?
No problem. You could create a hidden Facebook account to just see the content. Or, we can set you up with an email partner to discuss the content!

How does the payment plan work?
The payment plant is split into two payments, one half due up front to secure your spot and the final payment is due on the start date of the program.

What happens afterward?
There are so many ways to stay connected. The private Facebook group will stay open and you’ll have access to our newest offering, The Membership, a monthly membership community for all who have completed Seven Weeks to Bliss.