LOVE | TRUST Curated Crystal Set


LOVE | TRUST Curated Crystal Set


Mantra: “I am whole. I am home.”

This sweet set is perfectly aligned to support our innate ability to cultivate love for ourselves and others while bringing a resounding feeling of trust to all that we are manifesting.

Pairs beautifully with the LOVE & TRUST weeks of our 7 Weeks to Bliss journey.


The supreme stone of love - for one’s self and others, helping to releases tension and stress to make way for hope and faith.


The stone brings together the energy of our power-centered solar plexus and the softness of our heart chakra. Helps to balances the ebb & flow of life while enhancing expression and encouraging us to trust our gut.


This superb healing stone brings in energy of trust, helping us to dissolve any old energy patterns and beliefs that are holding us back.

Every set is mindfully curated by our Community Cultivator, Jenny Lynn Newell, and are sourced from local mystical shops in Los Angeles, California. Jenny typically spends an hour selecting the perfect set: weighing, holding and meditating on each individual piece to ensure it's the most aligned to you. Once selected, they are cleared and made ready for your intentions in Jenny’s sacred home space and then shipped out with a sweet love note. A portion of every purchased set will be donated to Together Rising.

To learn more about Jenny, her custom crystal sets and her unique process, visit her website here.

*Please note: stone size and shape will differ slightly due to each stones unique qualities. This difference is what makes them unique, just like you.

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