The Midwest Bliss Winter Retreat in Cleveland offered a unique space that was instantly filled with the magnetic energy that Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue exude. We hugged out our awkwardness and insecurities, dug deep into our soul values, flowed through poses that connected us to our personal power and ended in a cuddle pool of communal bliss. Jacki and Mary Beth's passion for embracing the messy and living a perfectly imperfect life in addition to their raw authenticity and spirited playfulness is nothing short of magic. - Katie Kurtz Cleveland, Ohio

“Hands down this was one of my favorite classes of the weekend at Wanderlust Squaw Valley! It was an incredible experience to hone in on my personal values then to bring them to life in the physical realm through asana practice – all in a very accessible and approachable way, not to mention it was loads of fun.”
— Lindsay Jensen-Evans, San Fran Community Relations lululemon athletica

"I cannot thank both of you enough for such a life changing, transformational, relaxing, and super fun week in Sayulita. I have never felt so disconnected (in the best possible meaning of the word) and rejuvenated. I am excited to continue to work on the tools I've learned and my goals and to share all of it with my loved ones" - Emily Fu, Los Angeles, Nurse at Children's Hospital

“I don’t know if there’s enough space on this screen to share my love. Whether on a giant festival stage, in an intimate workshop, or on a sunny Sayulita vacation, you are guaranteed to breathe, laugh, cry, move, dance, probably sing, and search that soul in a deeply healing way. The energy that is being cultivated over at Rock Your Bliss HQ right now is powerful, inspiring, comforting, challenging, and damn soulful - so GO get your bliss rocked.”
— Allyson Pfeifer, Savasana Lover, Hammock Napper, Silverlake

"Mary Beth and Jacki ROCK. Their passion and spirit are totally infectious, and the Rock Your Bliss combination of yoga and goals and laughter is magic. Expect laughter, sweat, tears, sunshine, and some core-shaking and centering moments. The work you do on yourself is meaningful, as meaningful as you want it to be, and MB and Jacki guide you there in the most playful, sweet, and sweaty way. It’s like a superfood that you don’t even realize is good for you because it’s so yummy." - Glennie Rabin, Venice Beach, DJ

Mary Beth and Jacki are those inspiring friends that you wish you had in your life. Their co-collaboration Rock Your Bliss actually puts them in your life with goal-work, yoga, and genuine love for sharing themselves! Go meet these bold and brilliant women who will inspire and support you with their work!
— LA Finfinger Yoga Teacher. Writer. Baltimore