Welcome to the Rock Your Bliss podcast with co-hosts Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue. This podcast is an interview series filled with inspirational conversation, self inquiry into how to rock your bliss and storytelling from inspiring humans all over the globe. The intention of each episode is to provide insight, tools and a new way of thinking to make shift happen in your days, weeks and perhaps even your life. Join us on this journey. We'd love to hear from you along the way.

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Welcome to Season 4!


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Major Life Changes for both MB and Jacki!

+ MB’s journey with Foster Care and New Mamahood

+ Jacki is pregnant with her second baby girl

+ The dynamism of motherhood & creating space for grace

+ Honoring our new chapters and where we are now

+ Uncertainty & Exploring the trust that is required to live a whole-hearted life

+ Tapping into Self-Care to really honor who you are in every moment

+ Inquiry into our beliefs and asking ourselves where we thrive

+ Moving ourselves into possibility by giving ourselves the space to feel & zoom out from the nitty gritty of the now

+ Getting excited about Season 4!

 “You have to re-negotiate, re-evaluate and let go of an old vision to allow a new one. You have to leave space for grace.” - Jacki Carr

“Leaning into the uncertainty and discomfort is teaching me so much, because no matter what, suffering will occur.” - MB LaRue

“You get the experience of being alive when you are fully present.” - MB LaRue

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Liz Dennery Sanders

Liz Dennery Sanders.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss and its roots in simplicity

+ Unraveling balance & Devoting time to extreme presence

+ Embracing boundaries, honoring your no, and creating efficient prioritization

+ The reality of our To-Do lists and leaning into surrendering at the end of the day

+ How Liz’s Book Style & Substance came to life

+ The Importance of Building a Brand Foundation

+ Differentiating your brand identity in the “sea of sameness”

+ Finding your secret sauce as an entrepreneur

+ Bringing clarity into who you are and what you do

+ Creating awareness around “the lovers” of your brand

+ Up-leveling our “thought work” and its relationship to our monkey mind

“Bliss is simple. It’s loving things that stand out to me as blissful.” - Liz Dennery Sanders

“I believe in extreme presence.” -Liz Dennery Sanders

“We need an army of badass women. We need women to connect to their voice, to step into their power, to play a bigger game in this landscape of life, to get a seat at the table and be more influential.” - Liz Dennery Sanders

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Nicole Sciacca

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ What bliss means to Nicole

+ How authenticity shows up in Nicole’s day-to-day

+ Leaning into our weird

+ Maintaining balance and time for restoration among a FULL schedule and life-hustle

+ Creating blank space in your calendar to just feel it out

+ Tangible ways to access restoration in the moment

+ Functional movement and how to move in the ways our bodies actually need

+ Giving our yoga practice permission to ebb and flow

+ What big goals are coming up for Nicole

“Bliss is peace in my heart.” - Nicole Sciacca

“You’re a human that has a practice” - Mary Beth LaRue

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Christa Schwind

Christa Schwind.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ What bliss means to Christa?

+ Bliss as Freedom from Separateness

+ Using Yoga as a tool to Reconnect & Maintain our Conscious Brain & Invite in Balance

+ Maintaining Balance by saying NO

+ Finding the Space to Set Boundaries with Time

+ Unraveling Selfish into Wise-Selfish to Reclaim our own Self-Care

+ Guilt and Motherhood - Declaring “It’s All Important!”

+ Christa explains how she became a Doctor in Yoga Studies - blending science, academics and the yogic tradition

+ Seeing the Yoga Practice has both on and off the mat living

+ Big Goals for Christa in 2018

“There is something about being in nature, feeling the wind on my face, the freedom, is bliss to me. We can experience bliss when we are not separate from a higher source, or the universe, which includes in inexhaustible potential for creativity. Bliss is in those moments of non-separateness.”  - Dr. Christa Schwind

“It important, as moms, to show our children that our passions matter.” - Dr. Christa Schwind

“Being a crusader of bliss, that’s what the world needs.” - Dr. Christa Schwind

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Bonkosi Alyssa

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

 + What does Bliss mean to Alyssa?

+ Settling into a sense of home at different parts of our lives

+ Stepping into creation to find your ground and the most joy in any moment

+ Navigating the “Grass is Greener” syndrome and how to live in choice

+ Finding your “All In” - rooted in the NOW

+ Keeping creativity alive in a dynamic life of “AND”

+ Owning our strengths in who we are to help support us through our daily life

+ Living into deep connection - how to bravely show up to listen, hear and get curious with other humans

+ Alyssa shares her family history and what it means to be African AND American while navigating definitions of race and racism in this cultural moment

+ Declaring our purpose and moving into action to serve in a greater way

+ What is means to really listen and be open to learning

+ Stepping into the ugliness and the discomfort to move into something new

“Bliss is being 100% you: living authentically, thriving and feeling joy in everything that you do, and the ability to work through whatever life throws your way and still continue to be who you are.” - Bonkosi Alyssa Horn

“[On choice] I am the catalyst to bring about change.” - Bonkosi Alyssa Horn

“We all have so much to be connected through.” - Bonkosi Alyssa Horn

“Be humble and ready to fumble.” - MB LaRue

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Jacki & MB

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Welcome to the End of Season 4!

+ Recapping our commitments, lessons around balance, and sharing our goal fails

+ How we define balance, in this moment, right NOW versus how it used to be

+ The Comparison Trap

+ Meeting ourselves in the moment

+ The evolution of our practices & rituals 

+ Reexamining our “one-size-fits-all” perspectives

+ How we navigate shifts in the moment for ourselves and each other

+ Boundaries around Balance

+ Asking ourselves “What would feel good?”

+ Learning and leaning into how to Make Shift Happen

+ Examining our “joyful frequencies”  

+ The power of laughter and not taking ourselves so seriously

“I believe you can work to the space where it can be just shifting the thought.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Our energy...how we speak to ourselves in our minds, how we speak out loud to other people, and even with our own bodies...it all matters. ” - Jacki Carr

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Welcome to Season 3! Health & Growing Up

Rock Your Bliss Grand Lake Colorado-pt 3-0123.jpg

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ How home feels right now & creating space for nesting

+ Our relationship with food, health & our responsibility to our bodies

+ What health means for each of us & the power of slowing down

+ What our workouts look and feel like NOW

+ Changing our thoughts to empower our bodies

+ Creating a new sense of normal

+ Debunking the reward system for our health & establishing a pause to reflect/re-evaluate

+ Setting boundaries to support our bodies - where are our forms of restoration?

+ Our vision for our health for the next year

“Health, for me, is feeling good and being in relationship with what I put in my body while taking responsibility for how I feel everyday.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Health, now, for me, is what I’m putting in my body that feels good. Food & thoughts. Health is about gratitude for this body that does so much.” - Jacki Carr

“I do things now to feel a certain way, not look a certain way.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Health is so personal. It’s about what makes YOU feel good.” - Mary Beth LaRue  

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Bliss and what it means to MC Yogi

+ Navigating life’s sharps edges through yoga & hip hop

+ How was MC Yogi born?

+ The power of relationship and building a partnership/business/life with your spouse

+ Examining your soul’s purpose and pilgrimage and where it is found NOW

+ Finding balance inside a life on the road

+ Embracing fear and uncertainty as a door instead of a wall

“Bliss is when your eyes roll back, your skin softens and you breathe a little deeper, everything starts to hum and vibrate and tingle and it makes everything feel ecstatic...Bliss is one of the things that got me into yoga.” -MC Yogi

“A soulmate is someone who will wait for you and someone you can be with, even in those final moments, that’s your person.” -MC Yogi

“Art helps me to understand myself more.” -MC Yogi

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MB interviews Jacki

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Bliss & How Jacki accesses it NOW

+ Unlearning especially with people pleasing AND money

+ Creating balance within our day-to-day

+ Crafting Visions through New Lens & When to create a new one

+ Attachment versus Commitment

+ Speaking to your future self

+ Goal Hangovers - What to do after you reach a goal

+ Talking to & Loving all the parts of yourself

+ “Owning Your Nerd”

“Bliss is usually at least 28 minutes into any life practice. Bliss to me is when I get through all those thoughts and I look around, I see where I am, I see what I created and I feel fully full. Release the bullshit to get to the bliss” - Jacki Carr

“I set a vision so I have direction AND a path set in possibility, versus reaction to the now.” - Jacki Carr

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Matt Aporta & Chris Hynes - Our Husbands!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ What bliss means to our husbands

+ Marriage & What it means to be a family of four

+ The roots of Rock Your Bliss, how we’ve evolved & our vision for the future

+ What bliss means NOW and creating daily steps to create it

+ Navigating friendship and partnership


“If I didn’t have her [Jacki], I would be sitting back wishing my life my different. But luckily enough, I have her and I don’t have to think about that.” -Chris Hynes, Jacki’s Husband

“They [our husbands] allow us to be in a partnership [with each other], beyond our partnership. Our quadrant is vivacious.” - Jacki Carr

“We get to see how you two grow as individuals, and as business partners, and then as leaders in your community.” - Matt Aporta, MB’s Husband


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Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.37.31 AM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+Rachelle’s definition of bliss

+ Keeping Entrepreneur Life & Business Life Soulful

+ The organic evolution of creating The Neshama Project

+ Virgo-ness and finding balance in the everyday

+ Healing through Yoga - especially through trauma

+ Embracing going your own way - owning your natural state of aliveness

+ Honoring our sense of play

+ Rachelle’s rituals for embodied living

+ Embracing and loving all the parts of ourselves as we age


“Bliss to me is when I am fully in the moment, no longer in my past story and not projecting anything into the future, but I am fully engaged in what I love and what brings me joy in the moment.” - Rachelle Tratt  

“Dancing is my purest form of yoga.” - Rachelle Tratt

“You can always find a beat.” - Rachelle Tratt

“Your silence is needed as much as your energy.” - Rachelle Tratt


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Melissa Hartwig

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Melissa’s definition of bliss

+ Whole30 & Self-experimentation with our food

+ How to mentally prepare for taking on Whole30, especially emotionally

+ Establishing New Normals, especially around food & our health

+ How do you navigate the rules of the Whole30 Program? What do you do when you “fail”?

+ Growth Mindset & Our Relationship with Food & Our Bodies

+ Melissa’s Day-to-Day Rituals - Morning Routine is ESSENTIAL!

+ Keeping it real online - Melissa’s relationship & boundaries with social media

+ Melissa’s Tips on Social Media Boundaries & Keeping It Real:

  • Personal versus Intimate
  • Use social media as a permission slip to exist as a space to let you grow
  • Pause, Process then Share (if you want to)
  • Does it serve you?

“The word bliss means being fully present and immersed in your moment and totally content in your moment, wherever that is. It is this acceptance, gratitude and peace.” - Melissa Hartwig

“[On social media]I share what is personal, but not intimate. You have to make it serve you.” - Melissa Hartwig

“I’ve found, if I can bookend my day with a good healthy routine in the beginning and a little bit of a wind down routine at night, then I can allow myself all of the spontaneity and flexibility in the middle of my day.” - Melissa Hartwig

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Jacki interviews MB

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ MB and How bliss evolves over time

+ Bliss in Your Body - choosing new perspectives moment-to-moment

+ Beyond the Social Media Self & What Feels Real

+ MB’s life practices

+ Seeking balance in our everyday

+ Redefining where/when/how we “Fail”

+ Leaning into our Why

+ Deep diving into Gratitude

+ Examining our Expectations

+ MB’s Top 3 Teachers

+ What MB has learned from Jacki & Finding a Co-Founder in Life & Business

“At 34, bliss means quiet moments, sustainable joy. Moments where I choose something that’s a better fit for me, whether that is a perspective or an action, self care, a way of showing up. That comes from knowing yourself. Bliss, to me, is the payoff of getting to know yourself.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“[In] Real life, I’m trying to balance what’s ahead of me, and still do the things that are important to me….what has to happen today and what I want to happen today, and then I meet it somewhere in the middle.” -Mary Beth LaRue

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Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Bliss and what is means to Megan

+ Emotional freedom and where to find it

+ Finding space between your thoughts

+ Megan’s definition of Spiritual Real Talk

+ Inviting wisdom into our lives as a practice

+ Finding lightness & ease & play in our meditation practice

+ Megan’s meditation practice and how it started and has evolved over time

+ Writing a book, being a beginner and finding challenge in new things


“Bliss is emotional freedom.” - Megan Monahan

“Our mind is where all the constriction is. Your mind gets in the way.” - Megan Monahan

“Invite in a practice that allows you to shift at a deeper level.” - Megan Monahan


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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Bliss and what it means to Yami

+ Yami’s journey from dancing to modeling to bodybuilding 

+ Exploring health from a place that feels embodied rather than socially accepted  

+ Honoring and listening to your own body and exploring balance in health

+ Creating freedom in your fitness routine to align with your values

+ Learning where to break the rules in life when it doesn’t fit for you

+ Discovering our values as a guidepost for evolving

+ Making space for rocking self-love

+ Creating soulful community on social media


“Bliss is the peaceful moments that you can’t put a name to.” -Yami Mufdi

“I want to give more feelings to people. When someone comes to my Instagram, I want to provide something to them.” -Yami Mufdi


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Season TWO


Welcome Back! Season 2 & Creating Rituals

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 3.00.23 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Introduction to Season 2: Jamming on themes from this upcoming season!

+ Welcome New Listeners: Who We Are and What We Are Up To!

+ Rituals in our day-to-day: playing with a 7-day ritual practice

+ Leaning on being “in it” together - in connection!

+ What rituals look like for each of us?

+ Creating action through supportive experience

+ What does commitment look and feel like for us?

+ Where can you create a commitment that feels good to you?


“By doing an action that supports the rest of my day, that felt so good.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“As I kept naturally moving into what I was aware of the beautiful reminders of what was happening now, it was really cool to release all the stories of what might happen.” -Jacki Carr


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Erin Trealor

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 2.47.01 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Erin’s definition of Bliss

+ What inspired Erin to launch RAW Beauty Talks

+ Creating safe spaces for women to share with one another

+ Comparison versus Celebration

+ Shift to working with youth culture + Free to Be Talks

+ Answering the question, “What do you LOVE about yourself?”

+ How Erin rocks Self-Love and how to access this in your life


“Bliss means feels amazing in your body. It means, to me, having that sense of calm, and feeling connected, and feeling grounded in who I am and the places I want to go and the choices I make day-to-day.” - Erin Trealor

“The way that we perceive ourselves has a lot more to do with how we are feeling on the inside than how we look on the outside.” - Erin Trealor

“Self-love simply means looking after yourself knowing your specific body and mind and soul and what works for you and then honoring that.” - Erin Trealor


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Jordan Younger 

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 2.54.45 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ What does bliss mean to Jordan?

+ Jordan’s journey with authenticity as her brand evolved over time

+ Finding and cultivating a new audience when you shift your personal brand

+ Finding balance between eating for your respective body type and embracing food freedom

+ Listening to our bodies and making nutrition decisions based on what we actually need to support our immune system

+ Building a tribe that supports you

+ Creating from choice as our bodies evolve over time

+ What does “healthy eating” mean? Jordan gives us some ideas for making healthy food choices

+ Finding balance with our digital lives and our real-lives, especially when you are your brand - living in the moment versus capturing every moment

+ Jordan’s favorite ways to rock SELF-love


“Bliss, to me, means choosing to fill my time with things I actually enjoy!” -Jordan Younger

““You don’t have to stay in the labels, you always have choice.” -Jacki Carr

“Healthy eating, right now, means listening to your individual body.” -Jordan Younger

“It’s so good to own what you love. There is so much choice in letting it ebb and flow. Rigidity just doesn’t feel good.” -Mary Beth LaRue


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Jess Davis

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 2.50.29 PM.png

Topics Discussed In This Episode:  

+ Jess’s definition of Bliss

+ Morning Rituals for Space Creation

+ Intentional Boundaries & Technology-Free time

+ What inspired Jess create Folk Rebellion - ‘missioned based company’ - the negative effects of technology and/or misuse

+Tips for Smartphone Addictions & Forgive the Slips

+ Shame & Our Addictions

+ Creating a unplug box with your loved ones - feed the monster

+ Creating physical distance with your device

+ Digital exhaustion and how it’s in our days / minds / intentions

+ Jess’s favorite in-real-life activities


“Bliss is space” - Jess Davis

“Usage creates Habit creates Addiction” - Jess Davis

“NO is one of my favorite words” -Jess Davis


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Boundaries & Body Image

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 3.00.07 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Creating vulnerability in friendship

+ Excavating Soulfulness

+ Boundaries & ‘Doing It All’

+ What do boundaries mean to us at RYB?

+ Why are boundaries so f-ing HARD?

+ Wholeness and How we are choosing it

+ The reality of a “Quarter-Life Crisis”

+ Tools We Use to Shift - Schedule, Values, Supporting-Self

+ Boundaries and Mama-Hood

+ How do you say NO and create choice in your response?

+  Taking Things Personally & Letting that Go

+ Finding the pause & Listening to our bodies


“Boundaries are personal property lines.” -Jacki Carr

“Boundaries are fences that support your freedom.” -Danielle LaPorte

“I tend to what I need to tend to, for me, in order to show up and be powerful in the world” -Mary Beth LaRue

“Is it spacious? Is it expansive?” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Sometimes you have to get lost, to get found.” -Mama Carr


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Tiffany Russo

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 2.59.47 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ How can we practice presence NOW?

+ Accessing Quiet among the Noise

+ What does Tiffany’s yoga practice look like right now?

+ Social Scroll versus Bedtime Meditation?

+ How did Tiffany transition from working in Hollywood to becoming a Yoga teacher?

+ Life’s little nudges a.k.a ‘God Winks’ and how to tune in to the opportunities that are already around you

+ How does Tiffany keep it real in the LA yoga world?

+ Tapping into the innate “enoughness” in our work, ourselves and our offerings

+ Finding what roots you in your community, your tribe and your teachers

+ Exploring connection over competition


“Bliss, to me, is that moment of presence, where your not in fear from past experiences nor are you in anxiety about future experiences. It’s the moment of complete acceptance to what is, right now.” - Tiffany Russo

“I keep it real by truly keeping my head down and believing in what I teach and continuing to have a practice and a teacher I continue to go back to, to get inspired with.” - Tiffany Russo

“The more experienced we are, the more grounded we are in what we believe in.” - Tiffany Russo


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Season One


Welcome to the Rock Your Bliss Podcast!

Podcast_Logo_5May2017 .jpg

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Welcome to the Podcast

+ Being a beginner

+ Radical Conversations in Community

+ Vulnerability and Building a Business

“Rocking your bliss is a choice, moment-to-moment, and that choice feels grounded. - Mary Beth LaRue

“Bliss is defined individually. I love the inquiry everyday of what bliss means to me.” - Jacki Carr

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Nicole Antoinette 

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 8.19.06 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ Getting truthful and keeping it REAL

+ Joy & Fun and Nicole’s meaning of Bliss and Balance

+ Reading Erotica & Peppermint Tea

+ Self-Help Addiction & Checking in with our ability to integrate what and when we learn from others!

+ Inquiry and Curiosity

+ Consumption versus Creation

+ Intentionality with Social Media as tools

+ Assumptions and Truth

+ Morning Rituals

+ Clearing the Fear and Getting Into Action

“I feel like a lot of my work, both personally and thereby creatively, what I put out in the world really comes down to this idea of the value of getting down to the heart of what’s true, without judgement, being able to be honest with yourself.” - Nicole Antoinette

“What has to be true for this to work? I think there is a lot of power in asking, “what are the actual blocks that are stopping this habit from changing?” and being willing to just give yourself what you need.” - Nicole Antoinette

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Lindsay Jean Thomson

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 8.21.01 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ What does bliss mean to Lindsay?

+ Morning Rituals

+ Meditation Practice

+ Creating Women Catalysts - Creating Community and Connection for Women  

+ Inspiring Women into Action

+ Lindsay’s journey with Breast Cancer & Recovery

“Bliss is feeling alive and connected, loved and in the moment.” - Lindsay Jean Thomson

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Rosie Acosta

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

+ Thriving inside of Tribes - finding our Soul-Recognition in our communities

+ Owning our actions and our language - especially around fear and love

+ Fear and how we soften our fear and use it to take action

+ Rituals - evening and morning routines

+ The meaning and language around what it means to be Radically Loved

“If we aren’t out there seeking our tribe, seeking out connection with our other co-tribes women, what are we doing with ourselves?” - Rosie Acosta

“The important thing is the manner, and the way, of how I woke up in the morning, and what intention I set that morning. How you wake up is how you show up!” - Rosie Acosta

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Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.45.07 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ How we use our tools, everyday!

+ How we shift when we are adulting hard

+ Comparison

+ How we want to adult!

+ Visioning and Filing our Language to create Action!

+ Circumstance versus Possibility

+ Inspiration versus the social media roller coaster

+ Micromanaging versus Feeling

+ Forgiveness & Establishing Trust

“Visioning provides a space to feel balance in interacting with the world now and actually designing and redesigning my world so it feels truthful and soulful to me.” - Jacki Carr

“When we can look at something or someone and experience through the lens of curiosity and enjoyment rather than comparison, there is so much to be learned and felt.” - Mary Beth LaRue

“Adulting is best when shared.” - Jacki Carr

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Jenny Lynn Wood

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.50.48 PM.png

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

+ How bliss lives in the details

+ How to consciously craft your schedule

+ Creating non-negotiables

+ What does tribe mean and how do you cultivate it?

+ Intentionality and going deeper supported in community

+ Mantras and I AM

+ Book Recommendations

“When I get still, you get closer to things.” - Jenny Lynn Wood

“Tribe are those people that exist outside your family, the people you consciously choose to put into your life." - Jenny Lynn Wood

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