Welcome home, and by home, I mean welcome to your own inner sense of knowing. Welcome to that place inside you that has never wavered. Welcome to that place of belonging, especially to what we cannot explain or should ever have to. Welcome to that place where you have always been the one you have been seeking. Welcome to the grace of being an breathing, pulsing, fully alive human being. Welcome to your center, your alignment, your soul. This is home. 

Trust is defined as the firm belief in truth. I define trust as the knowing before you know. It's that quiet place inside that often is tempered, easily forgotten, and most often conveniently ignored. At least that how it often shows up for me. But then I have also recently rediscovered that trust is how I got here. There have been so many things in my life that if I would have listened to them, things would have stayed small, been different, I would have felt less joy, loved less and fought more. Trust for me is the choice to melt into: to become apart of, to let go, to honor where you're at and to love deeply there. Trust is where we THRIVE

Where does TRUST live in YOU? Where does it feel effortless? Where can you surrender into the unknowing in order to reveal what is already waiting? 

I just finished reading Mark Nepo's stunning novel, The Exquisite Risk, and among it's many library pages [I took A LOT of beautiful notes alongside reading this one] I found this poignant reminder about trust

"The value in considering all this is not to calibrate or pre-plan how we might react to change when we face it tomorrow. For being deliberate or methodical will not always help us negotiate life. However, if we can bring attention and focus to the ways we habitually relate to change, we can be sincere practitioners of what it means to be ALIVE. Then, when faced with change, we might react more fluidly, the way a jazz musician practices scales, so that when asked to improvise, he moves up and down the notes more naturally without any thought as to where the notes are. In this way, we are asked to trust that, like a serious musician, our practice will soak into us, so that we will engage change more deeply and more naturally when it comes upon us."

TRUST: Week Seven

This final week explores the ways in which we TRUST. The ways in which we come home to ourselves, over and over and over again. We unfold the ways to forgive and surrender and move with intention into the spaces we already have inside of us. 

This week is really a soul salve to share space with other women who, as we all are, constantly renegotiating their way back to that internal sense of knowing and holding room in our vision for what we deeply trust within. 

- Jenny Lynn Wood

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