Tilita Lutterloh

Meet Tilita Lutterloh! From the early age of 4, Tilita has always set her sights above and beyond what was expected of her, setting high standards and staying true to herself.  Her passion for greatness is evident in everything she does and it can be quite contagious to anyone in her presence.  From Durham, North Carolina to Howard University in D.C. to New York City to Los Angeles, Tilita has always strived for greatness as a competitive athlete with aspirations of becoming an Olympian and world champion in Track & Field, while simultaneously being the catalyst for change amongst many other athletes along both the east and west coast.  It pleases her to no end that countless individuals from high school, collegiate, to elite level athletes and weekend warriors have benefited from my guidance as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.  And helping all others, artists, executives, and mothers alike up their game to discover their own athlete within is priceless!  Using her experience, knowledge, and passion as a highly competitive athlete, fitness coach, and student of life, Tilita has curated her own style of helping people tap into their greatness by incorporating the principles needed for physical transformation (i.e. weight loss, sports performance) as a blueprint for achieving one’s bigger life goals (i.e. parenthood, career aspirations, and the like).  With an energetic, tough, yet compassionate hand to guide you, Tilita creates an intensely effective training environment for true growth and development no matter what your goals may be. 

What rocks your bliss? 

Seeing people discover themselves and achieving their goals!  Also, watching people in their element is one of the most attractive, spellbinding, and vibrational privileges I get to experience. (an impassioned conductor leading an orchestra, an elite Kenyan runner competing in a race, a gifted teacher connecting with his/her students, etc.)

Describe your perfect day. 

A day of laughing, deep thought, crying, and eating is a ridiculously great day for me! 

When do you feel most creative and alive? 

I feel the most creative when I’m designing an athlete’s training program or I’m home decorating!  I feel the most alive when I’m about to pass out on the track...and hearing the depths of my breath and the cheering fans all at the same time!  

Share a huge goal you are rocking. 

Well, I’m not sure that I’m really ROCKING any huge goals at the moment.  Having just missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials last month has left me in a weird space. While I’m truly proud of myself for staying the course and really going after this life long goal, there’s still some emptiness inside of me that I know will take awhile to refill. So I suppose, right now what I’m really rocking is not crumbling and being open to all of the possibilities before me! And I’m being the best daughter, coach, friend, lover, and queen I can be. Hmm, I guess that is pretty huge.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

The Motherland

How do you handle setbacks? 

I usually get quiet...for awhile...then, I reflect on what things contributed to creating the setback, especially what role I played, actions I did or did not take. Then, jump back in!  

How do you come home to yourself? 

I talk to Mama. I cuddle with my king. I read. I read my goals. I read historical novels. I read inspirational autobiographies. I read fashion magazines. I think about my ancestors. I clean (ahh, this brings me such satisfaction). I eat a hearty meal. I sprint. (oh, definitely not in that order or I’d throw up all over the track!). Oh, and I listen to my all time favorite soundtrack...The Lion King Original Broadway Musical. 

What are three ways you rock the self-LOVE? 

1. Self-care Sundays!!!  No appointments!  No workouts!  No stress!  All reading, stretching, Food Networking, and HGTVing! 

2. Fueling my body with good nutritious food

3. Committing to a process when I set a goal (no matter how big or small).     

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