The Karma Boomerang

I have been exploring the words ‘energetic responsibility’ in my life in the past months, the understanding that we have control of our emotions, our energy we bring into a space and how we react or respond in situations. And how this self awareness of our own energy really creates our legacy now, who we are in the present and how we are remembered moment to moment.

One of my favorite quotes that is actually printed and framed in my office is from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and it reads:

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”

And THIS exact responsibility has been my practice (emphasis on practice, as there is no such as thing as perfect, especially in this work) for years now.

THIS is why I go to to yoga, to be more human.

THIS is why I run, to calm the mind and create clarity.

THIS is why I hike the mountains amongst the trees, so that I can remember we are all connected always. 

THIS is why I read ALL the self help books, so I can continue to learn about myself and show up in all my grace.

THIS is why I have friends that will tell it to me straight talk style, so I can understand from people I love and who love me how I have an impact on them, when I rock and when I don’t.

THIS is why I continue to be a student, so I can respect those that have paved the way, learn from them, hone my craft and offer my gifts.

THIS is why I am married to a man that has always told me the truth and loves my soul in all its naked, raw and honest glory, so that I can choose to be in partnership every single morning and know that he has choice in the matter, too - so I best get responsible! And because I believe teamwork makes the dream work, and it work (wink).

HIS is why I rock the self care and practice self love like it is my job, so that I can be a Mama that is present, grounded and one badass example to my daughter. 

THIS is why I co-founded a bliss business, so that I can stand in all my power and create somethings for you, for the World with another woman standing in all her power that we are proud of.  With the support of a partner who will hold me up, trust so deeply, call me out, and catch me when I fall and vice versa, I sing the song ‘ain’t no stopping us now, we on the move!’

And it takes guts. It truly takes guts to remove the blinders, sit alone and think for a while, and listen to your impact. The understanding that you have an impact matters.

You matter.

I matter.

When we begin to consciously show up all-in-all-human, this is where we give the most. And to be honest, this is where we get the most. The most of out of life.

Like a karma boomerang and the Rembrandt song from the 90s, you get what you give. Are you being responsible with the energy you bring into this space?

It matters.

- Jacki Carr

Photo X Tayler Carlisle