"The Story of My Life"

I remember reading somewhere that we as human beings can connect in many different ways. And who am I kidding, we don't need to read that to know it, however, the interesting part of the read was how we can connect through our darkness and even more so, we can connect through gossip, badmouthing and complaint.

Done it.
Hand raising emoji.

And we can find humor in it ... at least momentarily. 

It can sound a little like this:

"I cannot believe my morning. I literally tripped getting out of shower, I am talking naked body meets tile floor. Then I am out of mascara and my oatmeal literally just dropped out of my hands on to the floor so I look tired and I am hungry on the verge of hangry. What a morning."

To which the person listening that is working their best to be empathetic and connect with you might say, "Oh girl, story of my life right there. Ugh."

To which you both laugh, roll your eyes at these moments and pour another coffee.

There is comradery in being human, together. Sharing our aches and pains with one another so that we can share a moment of grace, eat humble pie together and cheers a coffee mug or wine glass. It is necessary. 


And this is a mighty however, hence the all caps above. I want to caution you with the power of your language. I want to caution you with the power you hold in declaring your reality.

Because when we say those five words, 'the story of my life', we are creating it, asking for the pattern and brining it in. And truth be told, I NEVER hear anyone say 'story of my life' after someone tells a big story, shares a huge goal accomplished or really anything positive. 

It would sound like this in the unicorn universe:

"I am having THE best morning. I got a call today that my stock just rose 10% overnight which means I can buy that new car. And would you know, I really had a great time with my online date last night. What a day".

Person listening with love and celebrating you while also celebrating themselves, "Oh girl, that is the story of my life. Do we have have it so good or what?". 

And I know you just rolled your eyes while drinking out of your glass half empty over there.

I get it.
I did too.

And yet, THIS IS IT. 

This is how we own the power of our communication, the power of our language to actually be the editors of the story writing. A couple ideas to use as the editor:

1) When things get weird, yell out "PLOT TWIST".

2) When the story gets a little repetitive, you might need to request a new chapter of yourself. That is write, I am going all over the book analogies. It might be time to turn that page and start a whole new version.

3) You actually might need a whole new book. 

4) Some people might need to be written out of the story, which creates rooms for new ones. This is tough. This can be hard. And this is growing up.

5) Skip ahead a few chapter, I know some of you do when you grab a book. Try on visioning what the next couple of chapters look like to try on a new possibility. You can do this with vision meditation, vision boarding or even writing a chapter that isn't written yet. 

6) Be so open to a blank page. We as human beings LOVE control. What if we wake up tomorrow and the page is blank and we get to be so open to something new, something we don't even know, someone we haven't even met yet. 

So next time you are about to blurt out those five words in response to someone's story or trying to connect with someone and be funny, careful at being the butt of the joke, at the cost of living that same story over and over again. 

My teacher says that words don't describe you, they create you.

Get creative, get in collaboration, and be open to the story of your life. 

Jacki Carr