Steph Corker


Meet Steph CorkerSteph is the epitome of a heart beating at the top of a mountain after a long climb, the moment you meet in a high five, and the hurt in your stomach from laughing so hard tears fall.  She is all of those things in one. She is goals on fire with her ass-kicking ironman status and her own company that creates culture and people strategy for companies with hearts. Know her and bliss with her, read on.

What rocks your bliss?
Sweat. Green Juice. People brave enough to declare their wildest dreams….and go after them! (My Bro does all of these things on the daily – I’m always inspired by that guy.)

Describe your perfect day.
It will take place on July 26th, before the sun sets in one of my favorite places in Canada — Whistler, BC. Crossing the finish line, giving my Bro a high five and my Man a kiss before punching a ticket to Kona. And every day leading up to this start line, I look to generate a little bit of aloha to remember that it is always all about the journey. Those are some perfect days.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.
I feel like my entire life is a huge goal these days! I wake up on purpose to rock a swim/bike/run workout with dreams of racing my 11th Ironman this year and returning to the World Championships in Kona. I spend every other waking moment building a consulting business which I’ve affectionately referred to as “stephy inc.” – putting the heartbeat into companies who care. These are huge goals for me because being able to “have it all” has been a fantasy in my life until this year. I’m grateful every darn day….for every last bit of “it all”.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
As I write this, I’m packing my bags for a trip to Croatia with my man to cycle and explore which is definitely bucket list worthy. However, on any other given day, I’d be the first to hop on a plane to a Hawaiian Island – Kona or Maui, both of those sweet lil rocks have won my heart over time and time again. It must be the liquid sunshine in a coconut or the potassium that is mega potent in those chubby bananas!

How do you handle setbacks?
Usually with my running shoes and some quiet space. Because after a run, any form of a setback doesn’t feel so back anymore…I’m reminded of the wide open spaces facing forward.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.
1) Chinese reflexology foot massages with my Man on Sunday nights.
2) Always a fresh mani/pedi.
3) Liquid vitaminD – it’s like Hawaii in a bottle in every smoothie.