Stacey Skala Orr

Meet the oh-so-radiant Stacey Skala Orr, a perfume and aromatherapy-loving entrepreneur who resides in Eerie, Pennsylvania. Her company the Stinky Yogi was born out of Stacey's love of yoga and essential oils. Her scents have become our very favorite to rock and we will be releasing a Rock Your Bliss line of oils with her very soon. Female collaboration for the win!

What rocks your bliss?
Soul friend chats. Traveling with my love. Pug snuggles. Tuxedo kitty purrs. The colors at twilight. Watching sunsets over Lake Erie. Bowls of edamame. Dancing at live music shows. Long savasanas. Long soaks in the tub. The smell of lavender. Crafting natural perfumes for others to enjoy.

Describe your perfect day.
Waking up without an alarm to a strong aromatic espresso. Teaching a vinyasa yoga class with a rockin' playlist. Taking a vinyasa yoga class with a rockin' playlist. Formulating new aromatherapy creations. Connecting with like minded, kindred spirits. Planning an upcoming travel adventures. Walking the pugs leisurely. Being near and/or in water and feeling sunshine on my face. Cooking with friends while enjoying laughter, good music and long chats over copious amounts of vino. Going to bed with a smile.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.
Releasing my first natural perfume line for Stinky Yogi and attempting to let go of the "but you aren't a writer" voice in my head to start writing about my own experiences and interviewing / connecting with other yogiprenuers and seekers who have made significant life changes to follow their dreams in the face of inevitable setbacks and challenges.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
The Luberon region of Provence, France. The air smells of lavender, the rose wine flows freely, and meals last for hours. There is a calming tranquility of being surrounded by such beauty, going to the cafe and observing a slower paced life.

How do you handle setbacks?
Reflecting on accomplishments and narrowing the focus from the overwhelming, usually undefined unknown to tangible, concrete action steps.

Trust that something bigger or better awaits and that this setback is part of the process (not easy!).

Ground myself in gratitude.

Call or chat up a soul friend.

Long walks, soaks in the tub, a sweaty vinyasa class for moments of inspiration and when nothing else works ... HBO On Demand

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.
Lots of yoga with several doses of aromatherapy.
Quality me time (at the beach, in the tub, long walks, reading, musings, silent drives, solo yoga practice).
Quality tribe time (meals, music, movies, snuggles).