Speak & See

Our language has power; deep and resounding. Our words create our reality and contribute to our interactions, sense of worth, and how we built and maintain our relationships with everyone and everything. So it's interesting to dive into how we have used language in our life and how we can choose to re-examine how we think and speak about who we are and what we have to offer the world. 

A small, yet profound (for me), lesson I learned about language emerged a few months ago. I have lived in Los Angeles for over 6 years now and it's been a rough ride. I have never moved so much, fought for so much, worked so hard, been defeated so often, and learned so much about how resilient I am. Los Angeles and I weren't on good terms. I was often harsh, critical, outright abusive in my language about this place I really wanted to FEEL like home. I was in active revolt about being here and my language reflected those thoughts. I didn't even want to use the word home to represent my experience of living here. This wasn't home, it was temporary and I was always confused about why that was true. I was fighting to stay, fighting to be in relationship, fighting to belong, fighting to build a home to create within, and yet it felt so elusive. I remember one day, after hearing myself talk about all the reasons this was not home that I had a major epiphany about my language. I wasn't calling this place my home, so it was perfectly logically for me to continue to deny that it is my home. In that moment, I chose to shift my language around this place and let me tell you, it made all the difference. Now don't get me wrong there are still things here that irk me, frustrate me, and challenge me, but now I find myself softening in those places. I find a sense of compassion and let the beauty of where I live and the life I've created here replace the feeling that this is not home, because when I speak from a place of choice, I truly feel at home here. 

What you say matters, it creates everything around you. Language creates our experience and allows us to live into our choices. Nothing about Los Angeles changed, I just re-framed my experience of living here and suddenly H O M E emerged. 

What have you created with your language? 

What stories are on repeat? 

What are you committing to and why? 

Week Five: SPEAK

Week Five explores our dynamic relationship with language and how what we speak creates our world. 

If you took out a journal and wrote down I AM....what words, phrases, perceptions, assumptions come to mind? If you look at that list where can you be generous with yourself? Where have you been holding back? Where can you own all the ways in which we show up for ourselves and others? 

Consider taking responsibility for all the ways in which you are showing up. Communication lies in the listening AND the speaking. This week asks us to explore our incorrect beliefs and move into a place of compassionate understanding that these stories can be corrected, altered, and created moment-to-moment.

Week Six: SEE

This week we dive deep into vision within; exploring our six chakra, Anja, that directly relates to our intuition, perspective and imagination. This week asks us to think about all the ways in which we have forgotten who we truly are without all of our stories, assumptions, and baggage. By moving out of resistance, we are able to try on new ways of being. We become adaptable and can create a vision for the future that unfolds from our most innate values. We are asked to dream here. We are asked to create here. We are asked to have a conversation about our deepest desires and create collaborative tools with the universe to create that as our reality. 

How can you clear your lens and see things as they are, not as you perceive them to be? 

What if you asked yourself, "who am I without this thought"? 

Are you creating from habits or from intention? 

Your vision can emerge from that quiet space within where you are allowed to dream big and manifest. How can you create space to live into your most bliss-filled life? How can you create a path of permission for all the things that are burning in your heart? 

- Jenny Lynn Wood

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