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This guest blog post was written by Kelly Trach. A little bit about Kelly: "I was sick for almost a decade with chronic illness. So, I used myself as a guinea pig, and experimented to find the exact solution for self-healing. Think: Tim Ferriss meets functional medicine. Now, I teach others how to make healing happen. " Kelly offers digital coaching through online books and courses with a specific focus on healing through food. 

Read her post below. 

I was on the checkout page three times before I actually hit “register.”

You know, it's when you complete all the input fields and chicken out when you need to add your credit card details.

Fast forward a few hours later and I was grabbing coffee with a pal. Alex was sharing about her upcoming meditation weekend and then she asked me: “Are you doing any programs?”

After a long pause, I said: “Well, there’s this program I want to do!” (Talk about synchronicity in action). “I’ve been following Jacki and MB’s work for years. Some people just draw you in like a magnet, you know?” Bliss crafters, grounded role models, and women who show up fully expressed - I wanted in.

Alex was like: “Kelly, you should just sign up. Your eyes really light up when you talk about it.”

Ok, got it.

Duly noted.

Sign from the Universe accepted.

When I got home, I hit “register” for real this time. Credit card deets and all.

You see, I had “goal coaching with Jacki Carr” and “Rock Your Bliss retreats” written in my goals for a while. Year after year, I wrote these goals down in my Desire Map, my trusty black Moleskine, and my detailed 10-year, 5-year, and 1-year goals saved in Evernote. Yet, I always held back from actually doing it.

I always believed that my dolla dolla bills were well invested in education - like university tuition, business school, and a good graphing calculator.

But what about soul school? And your education on who you really are?

Hello, perspective shift. Turns out, I needed legitimate core values more than I needed that fancy TI-84.

And holy moly, did I experience some major shift.

7 Weeks to Bliss enabled me:

  • To get rid of a lot of crap I was mentally and physically holding on to. I’m talking about five garbage bags full of clothes and belongings that represented my former life. I hauled them right off to the local women’s shelter.
  • To figure out my core values and how to lead from that space. ‘Cause, I’ve written down core values before and they never stuck. They always sound like words I pulled from a pamphlet, like “leadership” and “passion.” Truthfully, I’m more about “possibility” and “realness.”

  • To stop hiding. I rebranded my business with my own name, started sharing on Instagram stories, and published my book. It all clicked when I realized that my voice is my power (which landed so perfectly during our “speak” week).

  • To find folks that “get it” and share the same values. Rock Your Bliss is truly a movement and once you’re a part of the bliss crafting tribe, you’ll feel it.

7 Weeks to Bliss equipped me with a whole new perspective on how I should lead my life and who I need to show up as in the world.

Sometimes, you just need to find the people that speak your lingo, hold space like no other and are real enough to admit they are also doing the work. So, if MB, Jacki, Jenny or any of the Rock Your Bliss tribe members look like your kind of people, then sign up, take the plunge, and do it.

Soul school is so worth it.

-Kelly Trach

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