Sheeva Sairafi


Meet Sheeva Sairafi.  Sheeva is the founder and powerhouse voice behind Local & Lejos, a home decor company bringing together communities near and far. Sheeva is bringing the world a new space to consciously consume beautiful home goods with purpose. My Serape blanket landed at my doorstep with an attached tag reading IMPACT and telling me that the purchase will light one families’ home for an entire month.  Hello goosebumps, hello bliss.  Powerhouse woman, read on.

What rocks your bliss?
Race day. Little wins. Solving problems. Impacting others. The mountains. Road trips. Red wine on a “cold” LA day. And white wine on a hot one. Friends that are like family. Family. Bad ass, inspiring women. Black coffee. The greatness of this life, allowing us endless adventure and opportunity.

Describe your perfect day.
AHH! Ok. Its Saturday. And it actually starts with the night before, which includes an early Friday night bedtime (cue grandma life). This early bedtime gets the next day off to a perfect start. An early wakeup without an alarm. Early as in, no one else is awake yet and you can feel the calmness both in and outside the apartment. Eggs with avo & black beans and a cup of coffee on my porch.  A little bit of work. But only the fun stuff that I love doing. The nonsense can wait tillMonday. Exploring a new part of LA (hike, museum, neighborhood!). Dinner, preferably outside, with friends and endless food & wine. Early bedtime again. Heaven.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.
To live in the present and not be so scared of the future. As an entrepreneur, a huge battle I face every day is living with the risk I’ve taken. If I spent my days anxiously trying to predict the future, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed every day. So I’ve set a personal goal of taking life day by day. I now set goals for the week instead harping on the long term. There are some days I’m still paralyzed with fear, but they are few and far between.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
Somewhere I’ve never been before! The current bucket list:
1. East Africa – to meet the artisan women I’ve been working with! (side note- going in May, eeep!)
2. Mexico City – mainly for chicken mole
3. Portland, Oregon – mainly for gluten free beer

How do you handle setbacks?
I deal with setbacks by trying to remind myself how far I’ve come. Start-ups are hard. Really hard. The best days can be followed by the worst days. By remembering how this began and how much progress I’ve made, I’m able to take the good with the bad.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.
1. Taking breaks. The to-do list will never be empty. Heading out on a run or to yoga class even on a day I “shouldn’t.” If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, regardless of the time crunch, I know that dedicating an hour to myself will make me more productive in the end.
2. Splurging on healthy, but more expensive foods. I’m on a tight budget as the business gets off the ground, but I never sacrifice organic produce for lower quality food. My brain works faster when I’ve given it the right food source!
3. Saying “No.” I’m a people-pleaser. It’s a blessing and a curse. I love helping and spending time with the people I care about. But recently, I’ve had to make decisions on how to spend my time. Its not easy, but forgiving myself for not being able to do it all has made it easier to say “No,” occasionally. And I’ve found that the people that really matter, always understand