Reining in the Hustle

One of my girlfriends and main muses Jess Davis of Folk Rebellion sent an email a few weeks ago. The opening bit was this:

"HUSTLE! Early Bird Catches the Worm. Get It! Be Better. Be Faster. Seize the Day!

 Lately my eyeballs and ears are being assaulted by words of encouragement that teeter on the brink of finger-wagging-yell-shaming (Yeah, I made that word up). Every IG post, wellness site, advertisement in the subway, makes me feel like I should be sprinting through this marathon of life. And if I am not... I AM FAILING.

And then the following article usually reads something like this: 'How to Stress Less and Reset Your Adrenals.'

Though well-meaning, we've got a societal encouragement and achievement problem and I'M OVER IT."

When I read Jess' newsletter, my entire body sighed a big ol' sigh of relief. "You feel this way too?" Oh thank God.

Don't get me wrong. I've posted all the memes about coffee and hustling and being a "girl boss" and all that jazz. And I enjoy a little good spirited hustle from time to time.

But at some point I've stopped living and instead started measuring and judging every single thing.

Just this year I've tried meditating for thirty days in a row.
Quitting coffee. Going back on it.
Running. (Ew.)
Walking. (Yes.)

I've had apps that track every single of these things. And the said apps that make me feel like shit when I don't reach my goal.

I've found myself longing for my college days where I spent hours riding my bike around town and writing in my little Moleskine notebook. Likely leaving my cell phone at home because it didn't do anything except text and call.

I've decided to start my days a little differently now. I'm starting with these questions:

How do you feel?
What do you want to create today?

Then I go and do that. 

Just trying and living and breathing. That's what's going on over here.

- Mary Beth LaRue