Rachel Alex

Meet Rachel Alex! Rachel is an Iowa girl living with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a nature lover, book reader, coffee drinker, and loves being challenged to learn and try new things. She spends her days as a System Relationship Executive for a benefits administration company based out of Iowa, but is lucky to be able to work remotely and call Bend, Oregon home. She spends her free time wandering the mountains and trails around their home, biking, exploring any local food or any coffee place she can find. She loves spending time connecting and becoming a part of their amazing new community in Oregon. 

What rocks your bliss? 

Nature. The views, the sounds, the smells, the connection. It brings me home. 

Describe your perfect day. 

Waking up to mountain views, and then spending the day with my husband wandering and exploring. Ideally it would involve some kind of movement (hiking, biking, anything outdoors), giant cups of coffee, and the continuous search for amazing local food over great conversation. 

When do you feel most creative and alive? 

In nature. When I'm traveling. When I'm surrounded by other amazing individuals living this bliss work! These things bring me back to the real me, the best me.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. 

I am working remotely! I've always wanted the opportunity to work for a company I believe in, that challenges me, that I am fully invested in, but that allows me to live the life that makes me the best version of myself. I started working remotely this past summer and every day I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity I have. Also, my husband and I are living our goal and vision to move to a town that has both the community and location we were in search of. We have the mountains at our doorstep and are surrounded by an active and amazing community. We're so excited to continue to grow and do life in Oregon.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

Iceland! And then Southeast Asia, and then Ireland. My list is ever growing, but Iceland is definitely at the top right now.

How do you handle setbacks? 

I generally use them as motivation to work harder, reevaluate a goal, find a new angle. I've also been learning lately how amazing and necessary it is to have a rock solid tribe around you. People who will give you a wake up call when you need it, but also show up with lots of love and support too. Also, my faith. Being a Christian is a constant reminder that life is hard but oh so good.

How do you come home to yourself? 

Being outdoors. Sweating. Breathing and finding stillness. It's always the simple things that bring me right back to where I need to be.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

1. Coffee and a good sweat sesh.

2. Carving out time in my day for reading, writing, or learning something new.

3. Dark chocolate - little squares of heaven. 

Instagram: @rachelalex86