On Adulting

You know the t-shirts or that meme made of frosted donuts that read 'I Can't Adult Today'? They are everywhere and I do laugh every time, and nod and agree. 

And yet, once you hit that adult phase, and you know, it is happens at a different age for everyone, you really don't have that choice to NOT adult. 

MB and I hosted a Rock Your Bliss podcast in Season 1 on this exact topic and we got a resounding response from listeners chuckling over what adulating means and how it happens. So here are a few notes on those key triggers that make us feel like total adults. 

How you know you are adulting now:

1) You pay the bills. On time. The very wise adults (like really wise) have them on auto pay!

2) You floss. Every single day. 

3) You take the vitamins. All of them. We love Vital Proteins, Smarty Pants plus MB takes extra vitamin B12 and vitamin D every day.

4) You watch documentaries now. On Netflix and you questions your life every hour after watching. Oh my word, have you seen 'Fed Up' or 'What the Health'? Thoughts?

5)  You read about gut health and get up to snuff with your probiotics. We take our health seriously with a childlike ritual with Smarty Pants (Adult) Probiotic Gummies (favorite flavor is Blueberry).

6) You read the news and nostalgically hover your arrow over the real print newspaper subscription section because there is something about the morning paper that feels so adult. 

7) We ask the hard questions and listen for the answers. Like what serves our bodies and minds now at this time, at this age and exploring discipline to change when needed.

8) We get fitted for bras. For real.

9) We care less about what 'everybody' thinks and take time to ask our favorite humans and loved ones what they think/feel/know. Relationships have relations. 

10) We spend a Saturday night in and have zero FOMO.

11) We pick yoga over happy hour. Sometimes.

12) We feel major gratitude for all the ages and steps along the way, but are pretty damn happy to be adulting. Even when it includes bills and planning and dirty diapers.

How do you know you have grown up, even just a bit and are in the practice of adulting?