Monica Ross

Meet Monica Ross! Monica was exposed to yoga at a young age, but it became a part of her daily life when she was living in South East Asia in 2006. With the guidance of a mentor and her first yogic text she dived deep into her self practice. Upon returning to the states she craved more and enrolled in her first teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii with Jennifer Reuter of Open Space Yoga. Monica spent seven years teaching Vinyasa Yoga in Honolulu. She developed a reputation for delivering strong, aligned, creative classes laced with mantra and yogic philosophy. In 2013, Monica embraced the practice of meditation to which she considers the “heart” of her practice today. From the teachings of Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega and Jennifer Reuter she feels she is able to access her most authentic self from the philosophy of tantra and meditation. Still a student of life, Monica is continuously inspired by her teachers, traveling, surfing, cooking and getting into nature whenever possible.

What rocks your bliss? 

The feeling of, "WOW, I am alive!," that really only happens when you are in the present moment. I know I can easily tap into it when I am roaming in nature, wandering in foreign country exploring, surfing, teaching yoga or sitting in meditation. 

Describe your perfect day. 

My perfect day begins by going to bed early and waking up early! Ideally, I would wake up to the sound of the ocean and tropical birds singing.  My day opens with my morning meditation following by an almond milk latte or a smoothie. Then grabbing my surfboard and heading to warm, clean waves where I hopefully see some of my dolphin friends too.  Then heading to the jungle to get my fix of greenery and hiking on.  I would finish this perfect day with cooking dinner with friends and surrounding myself with the people I love. 

When do you feel most creative and alive?

I feel the most creative when I am connected to source and living a balanced life. When I make time to ensure that nature and meditation are apart of my daily life I feel the most grateful and from there my creativity can flourish. 

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

Making my career about traveling the world and enriching people's lives is my life goal.  

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

AHHHHHH, that is not only the most difficult question but one I often ask myself when I am daydreaming! Nepal, Argentina, Maldives, Japan, Denmark, Morocco, Kenya? I would literally have to draw out of hat to decide. 

How do you handle setbacks?

I am a true believer that our hardships are our best teachers.  When life takes an unexpected turn I go deeper into my self study, meditation and mantra practice.  Journaling helps me to clear the negative chitter chatter while spending time with my teacher and the people that love me unconditionally helps to remind me that everything is temporary.  All of my greatest obstacles have shaped me into a better person and I try to remind myself of this when I am in the eye of the storm of chaos.  

How do you come home to yourself? 

The ocean, yoga and traveling.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

1. Exercise + clean eating

2. Being kind to myself and saying something nice to myself everyday!

3. Massages & Cuddle time

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instagram: @momoross