Meghan Gallagher

Meet Meghan Gallagher, the founder of Humble Rebel. Meghan defines a "humble rebel" as a badass in her own right, authentic to the bone and curious (just to name a few). We at Rock Your Bliss are super honored to be considered "humble rebels." I mean how great is that name? Meghan lives the life of a humble rebel and a blisscrafter, that is for certain!

What rocks your bliss?
Celebrating.  Friends old + new.  Mountains.  Sweaty yoga.  Savasana.  Long drives.  Cold beer.  Watching people be in their element.  Lightbulb moments.  "Oh my gosh, me too!!!!" moments.  Deep breaths.  

Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day exists in a weird Utopia that combines Los Angeles + Pittsburgh + Philadelphia.  I need my friends + fam from both aforementioned Pennsylvania locations, with the weather and surroundings of my life in LA.  I'll also need a few clutch locations from Pittsburgh  (namely: my fave bar, the Smiling Moose & fave yoga studio, Amazing Yoga.)

Perfect day begins early and ends late.  My favorite way to start a day is to get up before sunrise and head to my Topanga Canyon hike.  After the hike, there's some yoga.  The rest of the day is dedicated to fun with my pals, laughing our butts off. There's a dive-y bar and a jukebox.  Probably a nightcap on a porch.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.
Launching Humble Rebel!  This is an online platform that curates badass, authentic voices to give some feedback on life's big questions.  I want to bring the conversations that I've had on long roadtrips or at happy hour with my best pals to the internet.  I hope to create an environment that doesn't feel preach-y or know-it-all, but just vulnerable and open to share our human experience.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
I'm split exactly 50/50 between Istanbul, Turkey... or back home to Pennsylvania to see my people.  

How do you handle setbacks?
If I'm being completely honest here - it begins with a sprinkle of denial.  (My go-to crutch and down fall.)  Probably an oh-woe-is-me glass of wine.  But I bounce back quickly and I'm ready to get creative about the next steps.  Deep breaths are crucial.  Some gentle reminders that world probably isn't going to end.  I'm also very encouraged by other people's stories and experiences.  It's nice to be reminded that you're neither alone nor the only person not living a "perfect" life.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.
1. Laughing at most things.  Trying to invite others to laugh at most things, too. 
2. Drinking green juice + good beer.
3. Doing whatever the heck I want to on days that I have zero obligations.  If my brain wakes up and goes "you should drive up the coast today!" I'm probably just going to go ahead and do that.