Lindsay Roselle

Meet the inspiration nation that is Lindsay Roselle.  Based in Ft. Collins, CO, Linds is a 'Jane of all Trades' as the Founder of Fire Brand, a yoga studio owner and recently venturing into launching a Women's Network called Women & Inc. To be clear, she hosts events with whiskey tastings and rosé sipping to support women supporting other women, we obviously are obsessed with how she rocks her bliss in the Rockies.  

What Rocks your Bliss?

Desire. Creation. Connection. Vulnerability. Gratitude. The smell of summer rain in the woods. Quiet time spent together. People who really listen. Women supporting women. Horseback riding. Colorado living. Laughing. Love. 

Describe your perfect day.

Up with the sun, hot water and lemon, feed the dogs and check in with the world for a bit, and then back into bed to snuggle with my man. Follow that with good coffee and conversation on the porch, something active outside, brunch (my favorite!), and then some quiet time to read/write/create. I’d probably squeeze in a yoga practice followed by a nap into the late afternoon and then hit the town for some social time with my favorite people over appetizers and bourbon. Follow that up with an episode or two of one of my Netflix addictions and bed before 11pm. Low key, love-filled, perfect bliss!

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I love goals, so I have lots, but the game-changer for me over the last 18 months has been the goal of a daily gratitude practice. When I quit my corporate job in early 2014 I realized that I spent significantly more time on a daily basis thinking about all the things that needed fixed in my life/job/body/mind than what was already pretty great. Once I started intentionally writing those positive things down (which I do every single night now...shout out to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner), my world totally shifted into abundance and freedom. It hasn’t all been bliss...I’ve had some of the hardest, saddest days of my life in the last year, but its rocking my gratitude that keeps it all in balance.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel internationally extensively in my adult life because of my corporate career, so right now I’m really interested in seeing more of America and some less far away destinations. So, it’s a toss up between Alaska to get lost in the woods, Kentucky to follow the Bourbon Trail and learn about whiskey distilling, or a secluded island resort in the Caribbean to eat, dance, and play on the beach. And, of course, I’d want to have my favorite people in tow. 

How do you handle setbacks?

I’d say about 90% of the time I take a few deep breaths, make a conscious effort to move my body for a few minutes, and let the initial reactive energy dissipate before taking corrective action. I learned this by watching one of the most important and influential women in my recent life, my horse trainer Lynn, use the same strategy on my young horse. Lots of setbacks happen when you’re training a 1400lb prey animal to do what you want, but that is a story for another day. The other 10% I laugh/cry/groan in frustration and maybe sulk a little bit before coming back to the breath/movement/mindful action combo. Setbacks that resultfrom something I did wrong tend to be the most difficult for me to handle because I have some belief patterns around “shame” and “perfection” that I’ve yet to fully master. Though I will say that my yoga practice, which includes a lot more yin and restorative than it used to, has evolved into a great tool for helping me with that. 

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

1) I get outside as much as possible. And when I’m out, I look up. The cosmos has fascinated me since I was the nerdy kid with thick glasses reading Carl Sagan (little known fact: I started undergrad as an astrophysics major). There is something about the wonder of the night sky that just makes everything on Earth seem more manageable to me. 

2) I make space for unstructured alone time. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that for as much as I love to be with my friends and family and seek their advice, I really do my best work at examining ideas, solving problems and creating things when I let my brain work its magic without rigid guidelines, over stimulation, or crowd sourced approval. As an aside to this point, I’m loving the whole adult coloring book trend! They’re great for creating a sense of focused play. I buy them shamelessly  

3) I make an effort to treat my body well. Yoga, weights, and running in moderation are all part of my normal week, and I try to eat whole, clean, fresh foods as much as possible. I’m a regular at the chiropractor and I do my best to adhere to getting 7+ hours of sleep a night. I’m also a huge advocate of a philosophy I call “when in doubt, drink more water”. Though, that isn’t to say that I’m a teetotaler – I love craft bourbon, an occasional margarita, and Bud Light on a summer afternoon at the lake or campsite ;) Also, nachos, nachos are total comfort food and a self-love must!