A Gratitude Scan

I had an a-ha moment with gratitude today.

One of those moments that tripped me up, followed by guilt and then sweet intentional action. 

Let's rewind. The way I have been living in gratitude lately has been this notion of giving thanks as a list in my head, some times written down, some times said in the bathroom mirror, and most times only in my mind. 

To be honest,it kind of feels like a selfish gratitude, a coveted gratitude, all for me. Which do not get me wrong, I know that is important work and keep doing it. 


My a-ha moment this morning was the realization of the other side, the GIVING OF THE THANKS. Give it out there! Say it, say it louder. Even louder.

So this morning, I did what I am calling a Gratitude Scan. I scanned my mind, I scanned my experiences, I scanned my health, my goals, the present moment, my success and learnings. I scanned all that is the present moment and I asked, who is there to thank in this moment?

And I listened for the answer. 

NOTE: You can absolutely be the answer!

And within my own scan, there they were.

Two brilliant faces that I so love. The beauty that is Katie Horwitch of WANT: Women Against Negative Self Talk and the beauty that is Nicole Antoinette of Real Talk Radio. Clear as day, they came to my mind.

And I realized that these two women had taken time out their dynamic, brilliant, purposeful life to speak with me a while ago on the phone about how to start a podcast. Mary Beth and I were in the beginning stages of podcast creation, you know those beginning stages when you are like "Where in the eff do we even begin?"... I called both of them as major podcast geniuses and I asked for their wisdom, I asked for their tools, their resources and all the hacks on how to create a successful podcast. I took notes, all the notes and we had a place to begin with the support of these amazing women. 

And our Rock Your Bliss podcast launched. It is alive! And doing so well!

This morning, I sat down and sent an email thanking them for their time, the space to connect and their willingness to share and support our vision!

And it felt incredible. I did not need a response. I did not need anything back. What I needed was for them to know that I am thankful for them, they are appreciated, seen and so heard. PERIOD. 

And instead of putting them on my gratitude list or saying it in my mind and sending over the energetic waves (which is great, too!), I sent them a note, well, an e-note. And, I said it out loud. 

Can you do a gratitude scan today?

THANK YOU. All heart. Give it out. 

- Jacki Carr

Gratitude. Give and Receive. Photo X Ashley Turner

Gratitude. Give and Receive. Photo X Ashley Turner