Laura Conley


Meet Laura Conley! Laura is a yoga teacher a vision + goal coach currently rocking her bliss in the most special city, Santa Monica alongside her most marvelous friends, family, husband and dog!

What rocks your bliss?

Little bursts of big gratitude for THIS life, when I just get overwhelmed with how magnificent this all is which typically manifests with my body doing an actual burst or a squeal or a cry.  When the conversation is just overflowing among friends and family and we are just all so deeply connected and it is palpable.  When I am on a run and come to the first clearing where I can see the beach and the blue sky and my arms just involuntarily spread out big and wide. When my friends know me so well that we find ourselves in a fit of laughter over absolutely nothing. When I am on my mat and my breath feels like God. When I need an answer or space or piece of mind and nature is there to hold the space and respond. The look, the security, the fun, the connection, the friendship, the love I receive/give/share from/to/with my husband.  Witnessing a student making a transformation towards their Truth. When an acquaintance asks me how my job is and I do a double take because I don’t have a job now, I have a privilege.  Such a special privilege to create my life’s work around helping my students and clients find out who they are and what they are meant to do!  And right now -- writing this down right now.  All of it.  Bliss majorly rocking. So thanks for asking so I can feel this now :).

Describe your perfect day.

I wake up feeling like I just had the best most cozy sleep ever, the birds are chirping (the alarm is not sounding) and the rays of sun are flooding into my bedroom, I snooze and cuddle my hubby until I am realllllly ready to get out of bed!  More lounging on the couch over Brian’s french pressed cup of perfection (can you tell I wake up at 530am during the week!) as we plan out our day.  We head to malibu to get our sweat on in the Santa Monica mountains followed by brunch with our friends where to my delight, grilled cheese is on the menu!!! Major score and a must for perfect day-dom. I head to the beach to chit chat and giggle with my two lifelong besties and stick my nose in the pages of the latest pop psych bestseller.  My favorite massage therapist meets us at our home for 90 minutes of pure heaven. After the longest, hottest shower, Brian and I get lost in one of our ‘talks’ over a huge, chewy napa cab and a few snacks as we realize we are going to be late to dinner with my parents.  The conversation continues at our favorite Santa Monica restaurant over more grilled cheese sandwiches or some sort of cheese and carb combo, more wine and is capped with the best creme brulee you can find!  

When do you feel most creative and alive?

Well when all of the above is happening and when I am in conversation talking possibility and we are clearly riding the same wavelength, finishing each others sentences with fresh new ideas and getting so psyched about the future!

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I JUST launched my brand Spark Your Shine -- yoga and coaching to spark the shine from within. Eeekkk! I am so excited to continue to build and grow it with more workshops, retreats and one-on-one clients.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

I would play spin the globe and see where we land! I have always wanted to ACTUALLY do that!

How do you handle setbacks?

Talking it out -- to my mom, a bestie, my hubby. Crying. Breathing. Moving my body. Remembering that I am on a path of perfection. Remembering to trust and to surrender. It is always awesome to look back and see that the particular setback is simply divinity intervening.

How do you come home to yourself?

Through awareness and meditation -- but that looks so different on different days.  It could be a few deep breaths, a beach run, a yoga practice, a wake up call kind of conversation.  It feels like ‘ahhhhh’ or that really good exhale after you JUST finished ugly crying.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

  1. Time management! I love to create a schedule to fit it all in so I can really put on my metaphorical oxygen mask first.  I get to eat clean (except for when #2 plays out, sorry not sorry), take a power nap and whatever else I need to do be at 100%.

  2. Exercising as a total non-negotiable! I literally kill 8 figurative birds with one stone.

  3. By leaning in to ‘treatchaselfs’ -- weekly mani/ pedis, green smoothies, gold sneakers


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