Lane Edwards

Meet Lane Edwards! Lane is a mother of three littles, ages 2, 5 and 7, as well as the Founder of Pura Botanicals- a green beauty company in the golden prairies in Canada. They research, formulate and handcraft all of their own skincare, body care, and work with clients one-on-one to create their own bespoke perfume. They source their all-natural ingredients from the most pristine locations around the world. They have an apothecary and eco-luxe perfumery in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta. Lane finds being a mother, alchemist, perfumer and business owner is challenging, fascinating, and fulfilling. 

What rocks your bliss? 

Raising three incredible little human beings, being married to my best friend, and building a green beauty empire, PURA. That's the big stuff. But really, the little things about life continue to inspire me. Creating a home that feels like a reflection of all the people who live in it, spending time with my loved ones, and escaping to the mountains a few times year always fills me up.

Describe your perfect day. 

I love Saturdays. Waking up to a clean house, a pressed coffee and Baileys, cuddles with my littles and meeting up with friends for a long visit over delicious food and conversation. I'm always behind on laundry, and I find building a successful, multi-generational business and raising children is WILD, and not for everyone. Sometimes, I wonder, what have I gotten myself into... But I wouldn't have it any other way. A perfect day is really just not feeling rushed, and waking up from a good sleep. 

When do you feel most creative and alive?

When I'm creating something new to elevate the lives of others. We just finished launching the Pura Baby + Mama Collection. It was an intense labour of love, and inspired by my own three children, and the need to provide the world with toxic-free self care products that nourish the whole being. I also feel most creative, when I'm totally present and tapped into my intuition. I feel alive by the ocean, and when I'm nurturing my body with high-prana food and a regular yoga practice. I've practiced and taught yoga since 2003, and I just think it's the most restorative form of mental, physical and spiritual self-care. Meditation and creative visualization are also wonderful tools to my wellbeing. It's hard sometimes to carve out the time, especially with small children and a start-up business, but even just a few minutes of quiet time keeps me happy, focused, and centered. 

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

We ship our all-natural, handcrafted potions all over the world, and have many stockists here in Canada, but we would love to be available in the US. California is a big part of our inspiration. We'd love to see PURA expand into the US this year in a big way. We're working on it diligently! 

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

Oh, I think Paris, France would be amazing with my two daughters. My mom passed away three years ago. I would have loved to visit France with her. I went when I was 18, but at 35, I'm a different woman with a different lens. I would appreciate it so much more now. I'm close to my mother-in-law, (she's actually my director of operations at PURA), and we often dream of going to France as three generations of women. I would enroll my oldest daughter in a children's perfume course in the Grasse region, and I would be sure to get bespoke french dolls made for daughters. I'd love to gorge on chocolate croissants, have a photographer follow us for a day sightseeing, and capture our adventures as treasures for a lifetime. 

How do you handle setbacks?

I think I've gotten better at this as I've grown as a woman. You learn that sometimes a setback is what you need to come back stronger and with more grace. I usually find my breath, and trust that there's a better plan in store. Sometimes, that means you have to work harder and reshape your goals. Timing is so interesting, and I think the universe is pretty wise. I've learned that forcing things never works, and sometimes life gives you a setback so you can learn something really valuable.  

How do you come home to yourself? 

I spend time at my family farm, free-fall write, dance with wild abandonment with my kids, bake without worrying about the mess, kiss my husband, spend time by the water, take a long bath with sumptuous oils and candlelight, and unplug from social media. Ten deep, slow, conscious breaths always helps me feel calm and clear. 

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

I love indulging in the beauty ritual. As a green beauty entrepreneur, I'm pretty consistent about looking after my skin, because you need to be to feel and see results. The skin is so sensual and perceptive. Pura's Overnight Watermelon Mask is so preserving, rejuvenating and rebuilding for the skin with vitamin C, regenerating neroli, and all-natural silk protein. It's the ultimate Sleeping Beauty mask, and I love the way it smells and feels. Moving into winter, I also can't live without the Countess Cleansing Nectar and the Neroli Eye Ritual for ultimate hydration. The beauty ritual promotes that time for yourself. You need it! It's relaxing and makes me feel my most naturally beautiful, knowing that I'm taking care of my skin and body.  

I think healing and maintaining our closest relationships is what truly fosters true happiness. Family, loved ones and my community mean everything to me. I do my best. 

I spend my time doing what I love always. I'm passionate about my career- It's my calling, and I feel grateful to be able to pursue it. I surround myself with people who are supportive and truly love me for me. I'm incredibly grateful for every moment. Life is precious. Bliss is everything. 


Instagram: @purabotanicals