Kristin Rhoads

Meet the vibrant human being, Mama, studio owner and huge heart, Kristin Rhoads. We met Kristin on our first Rock Your Bliss retreat in Mexico and since have seen her flourish and rock her bliss all over the Midwest. Her tenacity and willpower to change her community is beyond inspiring, read on about her bliss.

What rocks your bliss?

Watching people around me thrive and revive their lives because they had the courage to reach up and out of whatever they were struggling through.  I thrive in a place of service and when the service I provide helps them do that,  THAT IS BLISS!

Describe your perfect day.

Sipping my first cup of joe in silence.  Allowing my children to wake when their body tells them, not because the bus is arriving in 10 mins (yes that happens, a lot!)  A stocked kitchen of healthy ingredients to prepare for my family. Being away from my computer to take in nature, friends, family, laughter and snuggles.  A full, non-interrupted conversation with my husband when he arrives home from a long day.  A chill yoga class and post yoga conversation that confirms you are in a rad space and community.  

Share a huge goal you are rocking right now.

Creating a one on one yoga service that is meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling for my clients and myself as an instructor.

If I could get on a plane right now, where am I going? 

Sedona, I am a vortex and energy junkie.

How do you handle setbacks?

With a hard cry, a sweaty run or yoga class and a new plan and perspective of 'what was I meant to learn from that?'

Share three ways you rock the self love:

1)  A 90 minute massage

2)  Date Night with the Hubby

3)  Retreat planned and booked within the year!

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