Karstee Davis

Meet Karstee Davis from Colorado!  Karstee spends most of her time & energy with her family-- She tries to be the best daughter, sister, and auntie that she can be! During weekdays she works to make sure that the students of CU Boulder receive credits and stay on track for graduation while studying abroad.  She loves her job because she truly feels that with every student that goes abroad we move one step closer to a more compassionate world. During weeknights you can find her doing yoga, or sipping margaritas on a rooftop somewhere in Boulder!  Her friends often tease her that I should start a blog called Margaritas & Meditation... but in the meanwhile she has a blog at www.purifiedoutlook.com

What rocks your bliss?

Oh so many beautiful things!!! I love espresso, rain, football Sundays, the beautiful mountains of Colorado, traveling to new places and getting lost, buying books, the start of a new school year, the change of seasons, sunflowers, people who are passionate for a cause, gardening, and bubble baths (to name a few)!

Describe your perfect day.

Because I work a M-F 8-5 job the days can easily mesh together so it's always up to me to make a day stand out.  Starting a day with a latte is essential to perfection in my book, but any day where I can make it to my yoga mat, and maybe listen to a good podcast on the way home and take a stroll around the neighborhood (my neighborhood is gorgeous- big trees, so many flowers, and the cutest old homes)!  I also love our afternoon Colorado rain showers, curling up with a good book always ranks high for me!

When do you feel most creative and alive?

In Colorado there is a book store called The Tattered Cover, I love going there and seeing authors that are on tour promoting their books. Always after I leave one of these gatherings I feel on fire with passion and drive! It's like I know I'm meant to be a writer and to have a platform to discuss issues that are important to me and to get to travel and spend most of my nights in a bookstore that smells of books and espresso! That is the life, and I want it bad! #goaldigger

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I recently had the honor of having a small taste of that writer life when an essay of mine was published in a New York Times Bestselling Travel section book!  I was able to have an author event at The Tattered Cover, and to go to some exciting promotional events.  This made me realize how much I really want that life.  So many goals feed into making this happen for me: 1. I need to research and write a book.  2. The next time my big opportunity comes up I want to be ready for it, so I've been working on my new website.  3.  I also have some physical goals that I want to meet in order to be my most confident and healthy self.  I realized during this crazy essay promotion that this lifestyle that I want can be very draining and that there are a lot of pictures that are taken!  I want to make sure I shine next time the opportunity comes along.  That's a lot of work to do, but I think I'm up for the challenge!

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

It's such a toss up for me between Norway & Turkey! I've long had an attraction to Turkey, particularly Istanbul, but maybe because of the state of that part of the world I might be kind of a chicken and go to Norway instead! When I lived in England my best friend at the time and neighbor was from Norway and she always talked about it with such love. I think it would be very beautiful to get to visit her country and hopefully see her while I was at it!

How do you handle setbacks?

It depends what setback I'm handling. A setback with a loved one, I like to take care of that and get everything squared away right away. A setback at work, I get angry and then decide to double down and just work twice as hard. A setback with my own self, I usually have to feel the feels, do some serious analyzing and forgiving and then press on.

How do you come home to yourself?

Yoga! Definitely yoga, it has seriously been my saving grace! I've melted on my mat. I have left the studio with a love for the whole world and everything in it bursting out of every pore. I have forgiven myself time and time again. I have honored myself time and time again. I have definitely let some shit go through this ancient and beautiful practice.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

Did I mention Yoga? Obviously, that's #1 for me.

I also enjoy a nice bubble bath.

And, one of my favorite things of all... pedicures with my mom and sisters!

instagram: @purifiedoutlook