Jocelyn Solomon

Meet Jocelyn Solomon! Jocelyn is a strong coffee/green juice drinking, yoga teaching, life coach inspiring, recovery mentor, mama bear, long distance running lover of life. She is co-founder of #shinetribe, a community dedicated to getting real and inspiring tribemates to do the same. She lives in Venice and teaches yoga all over the westside of LA and leads soul inspiring retreats around the globe, preferably all warm places with soft sand (so good for deep meditation!). 

What rocks your bliss?

My lifelong friendships with other kickass women! Cutting through the small talk and getting real. True soul connection, feeling heard and understood and making others feel the same. Watching with awe as my students reach so much beyond their potential, breathing in unison, perfect visions of strenth, grace and beauty. When they create a life declaration, like, "I AM FUCKING AWESOME!" and yell it at the top of their lungs. Soulful sweaty yoga sessions to loud music. Mothering my beautiful girls and watching THEM rock THEIR bliss!!!

Describe your perfect day. 

They are all pretty awesome, but since you asked... Waking up after ten (yes, TEN!!) hours of good sleep with my family nearby and fluffy dogs at my feet. The strongest cup of coffee (not planning on giving up coffee in this lifetime I LOVE IT!) in bed into meditation feeling warm sun on my skin. Then a long run by the ocean with a bestie so we can chat about our lives the whole way, dolphins keeping pace with us. Hot, non-rushed shower into Sugarfish sushi lunch. Some family fun with my hubby and girls, then late afternoon sweaty yoga sesh with a favorite teacher. Evening would be a family meal that we would prepare together (we take turns every Sunday) and bed by 9pm after watching Game of Thrones!!! Oh my gosh, the thought of that is RMB right now!!!

When do you feel most creative and alive?

About mile 6 or 7 in a long run. I feel in tune with the universe, overwhelmed with gratitude at the awesomeness of life, and totally inspired to bring my best capital S Self to my whole life. I feel a true connection to the universe in those moments.

Share a huge goal you're rocking. 

Along with raising two very kickass daughters, Dylan and Luna, I am super psyched and proud to be rocking Shinetribe: the Sessions and Shinetribe Travels, a workshop series and retreat experience I co-created and co-lead with my BFF Laura Conley (also a blisscrafter!). Shinetribe is inspired by the reality that we ALL thrive when we come together, get real, and strive to be our very best, most amazing, shiniest selves. It is a forum to bravely move through soulful yoga with the goal to quiet the mind, get still, and prepare for deep journaling, meditation and sharing. I am so aware I thrive in my life because of the incredible tribe I have created around me, and that is something we all deserve! Along with recovery and life coaching, I have also recently started writing again which feels AMAZING as it has always been a passion, but has taken a very back seat as I raised my young daughters. But mama's got her groove back now and the creative juices are flowing!

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

Thailnd - Nepal - Maldives (in that order)!!!

How do you handle setbacks?

I am no stranger to setbacks and truly believe they are our very best teachers. It is easy to rock your bliss when you're in huge success, but how do you show up when it all hits the fan? That's when the juicy stuff happens. Lean in with as much grace as possible. I have been clean and sober for 19 years, so I am acutely aware that our greatest setback or deepest bottom can be the event or life moment of clarity that can catapolt us into a totally transformative experience. From that deep, dark, seemingly shitty place, we can come into some incredible light IF we are willing to do the inner work. Certain setbacks, like loss of a family member, pet or friend, require a lot of tears, support, chocolate, and tribe hugs.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

1) I break a sweat at least 6 days/week, whether it is yoga, a run, a cardio class. This is non-negotiable in my family.
2) Good sleep - imperative! I guard my sleep like a hawk and try to log in at least 8 hours/night.
3) Delicious, clean, good, real food. And for sure an occassional massage!

website: : to learn more about upcoming retreats, workshops and coaching. The Shinetribe website is coming your way soon.

instagram: @jocelynsolomonyoga