Jay Co

Jay Co is one beautiful yogi heartbeat crunching on raw spinach, standing for what he believes in and making yoga accessible to the people at his LA studio, yogaraj.  Jacki took her 200hr teacher training with Jay Co in 2009 and the wisdom, book clubbing and connection that took place in her mind and body continues to shape her life today. And they once took shots at a dive bar that tasted like birthday cake.  He rules, read on about his bliss.

What rocks your bliss?

Yoga. I just really fricking love yoga. i've been really into restorative lately especially.

Describe your perfect day.

morning jog. punching bag. avocado toast and a good book. a meandering yoga self-practice. teach a class, spread the yoga love. work in the garden a bit. nap. cook dinner. eat with friends and family. continuing conversation into the night before curling back up with aforementioned good book. 9 hours of hard sleep. 

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I have 2.

1. To make yoga affordable. I have never felt more responsibility than I have since opening yogaraj. We are looking to grow in the next few years as our success with our first location grows. Ultimately, it's about keeping yoga accessible to everyone and it's been really amazing to see the response we have gotten. 

2. To get a movie I have written produced. I used to write action movies professionally when i was younger but then fell out of it. I was approached recently by a company in asia to write for them, and I didn't even realize how much I missed it. My goal is to get one of these things in production by 2017, and I'm really close.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

To see my family on the east coast. I don't see them enough.

How do you handle setbacks?

I give myself room to be bummed. I'm all for positivity but I am not someone who will try to stay positive in the face of all things. Sometimes things suck, and I find that if you let yourself feel it, if you let yourself have the space to really just let it suck for a little bit, it ends up being easier to truly move on than if you pretend like it didn't really matter.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

yoga. pedicures. baths. not all at once. though now that I am seeing it on paper...