In Case You Forgot

In case you forgot...

you are here for a reason

someone hoped/prayed/willed/birthed you into existence

you were always wanted

you are so very grateful

you are stillness and movement

you can dance around naked

you are made up of layers, like an onion

you know what you love

you are a fighter

you can honor your boundaries

you can start

you can take the day off

you can choose to recalibrate

you can give yourself permission 

you can gift yourself freedom 

you are stronger than you know

you can be a stand for others

you can stand up for yourself

you can say your sorry, words carry weight 

you can create a new language

you can create new goals

you can start from square one

you don't have to know all the answers

you can trust 

you can be needed, and need someone in return

you are oh so loved

you have so many gifts to offer

you need help and hugs and laughter

you feel, deeply 

you matter, deeply

you can take a deep breath

you were meant to drink it in

you feel joy, swelling joy 

you will sometimes feel lost

you will be found

you hold a key for someone else 

you can push the re-start button

you are always changing

you are more resilient than you know

you know your truth, that deepest whispering essence

you are a wholly unique expression

you are allowed to eat cookies for breakfast

you are beautiful, so very beautiful

you are not your body or your thoughts 

you are E X T R A ordinary

you will move mountains

you can choose to change your mind 

you sometimes forget you just need to listen

you sometimes need to be listened to

you don't have to try so hard

you don't always have to keep it together

you are capable

you are light

you are made up of the stars in the universe

you will fall down

you will always get back up

you underestimate yourself

you need others, others need you

you can sit on the couch all day and watch netflix, it's okay

you have permission

you can take a bubble bath

you can P L A Y 

you can give yourself a break

you can surrender into the not-knowing

you are amazing

you are unforgettable

in case you forgot....

Y O U are Y O U. 

-Jenny Lynn Wood