Erin Treloar

Meet Erin Treloar! Erin is a mom, entrepreneur and health coach who is passionate about creating space for people to live a life that feels amazing from the inside out. She runs a Pilates studio in partnership with Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic and is the Founder of RAW Beauty Talks, an organization dedicated to increasing positive body image & self love in everyone they reach. Her Raw coaching programs are based on the pillars of nourishment, movement, self care and personal power. You can download her free e-book, “The Practice: 21 Ways to Build Self Love” here.

Erin is a Founding Partner (2016) and Advisory Board Member of Free To Be Talks, a program for girls and boys in grade 6 to 8 that teaches media literacy and positive body image.

What rocks your bliss?

In no particular order… My little boy and this baby girl growing inside me. My husband. Seeing women who are living from a place of self love and personal power or helping women tap into that power. Deep conversations. Live music. Twinkle lights. Good food with great people. Travel. The ocean and the forest.

Describe your perfect day.

Wake-up slowly to the sound of rain on the roof or the sun pouring through the blinds. I’m from Vancouver so I’ve really had to embrace that first option ;) Sleepy cuddles in bed with my boys. Waffles and fruit salad for breakfast. Some personal time to dive into whatever creative endeavour I’m working on. Grabbing fresh produce and flowers from Granville Island with my family. Dinner with friends. Early(ish) to bed with a good book.

When do you feel most creative and alive?

After moments of rest and when I’m not too busy. Blank pieces of paper also help. I find it’s so easy to go-go-go in todays world (especially when I have so many big goals I want to accomplish) but I always find my creativity is on fire after a weekend away or a long walk in nature. My best ideas rarely come when i’m moving through the motions of every day routine. Stress, fatigue, an over-committed schedule cramps my thought process and can often leave me feeling a little empty and disconnected so I’m really focused on making choices that reduce these things. It’s a practice.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

i just launched two coaching programs through Raw Beauty Talks, which was a big goal I’d been working on for over a year. It’s a leap to put something new out to the world but it’s also the closest feeling to flying so it’s worth it. I always have big goals for my businesses but this year a focus for me is working towards those goals WITHOUT compromising my health. I'm practicing self care in a big way so that I can show up in life as the woman I want to be, so that I have the energy/clarity to do my work and to prevent burn out. All you type-A’s out there will understand this can be tricky but I’m committed to my success being holistic.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

This is such a tough question!! Either LA or somewhere in Italy. I always come back from LA feeling inspired by all the creative/driven people there, the healthy lifestyle and of course, the warm weather. Italy has my heart though with it’s food, wine, romantic landscapes and history. I dream of renting a farmhouse in Italy, spending my days learning a new language and painting (sounds like a great retirement plan for my 70’s though!).

How do you handle setbacks?

After experiencing the usual disappointment or frustration that comes along with a setback (I’m only human!) I assess the “setback” for opportunities to grow and learn. I ask myself questions like, “Why does this matter to you?”, “What would you do differently next time?”, “Is this feeling of failure my ego trippin’ out or something deeper?”. I usually lean on meditation to help release any tension surrounding the situation, to soften my emotions around the setback and to re-route my perspective to something more positive. I also lean on my support system - husband, friends, family, counsellor etc - depending on what it is. That saying, “It takes a village”, isn’t only true in relation to raising kids ;)

How do you come home to yourself?

Meditation. Yoga. Blank pieces of paper for mind mapping. Nature.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

1) Asking for help! I feel like I’m a master delegator some days but learning to give up on trying to control everything has freed up space so that I can spend more time doing the things that truly light me up.

2) Carving out alone time. This can be challenging with 2 businesses, a toddler, pregnancy and #LIFE but I know I need alone time to refuel or I burn out and actually get resentful of commitments I’ve made. It’s taken a lot of practice to learn how to say no to things so that I can say yes to things that keep me healthy and happy. Putting myself first sometimes, allows me to show up in the way I want to when I do show up - alive, energized, committed and vibrant.

3) Aiming to eat one meal/day slowly and consciously. I call it my 20-minute meal. I’d love to say I do this 3 times a day but we’re not quite there yet. I sit, without electronics, preferably with my son/husband/friend and eat slowly, breathing deeply, putting my fork down between bites and actually chewing my food. Some of you are thinking, “Lady, that’s called eating a meal” but I have a feeling a lot of you can resonate with grabbing something quickly/eating it in the car/in front of your computer/standing up at the counter/in front of the tv, finishing in 2 minutes and then barely even remembering what the hell it was you just ate. More often than not, that’s what a meal seems to look like today. I find when I eat consciously the food fills me up in a different way. It’s a full sensory experience. The most basic form of self love.