Courtney Hunter

Meet Courtney Hunter! Courtney is a writer who is most often wrangling with the eternal beast called "the meaning of life." Courtney recently moved from Venice, CA after living their for 3 years, gaining the life knowledge and chops necessary to spar with the mixed bag of L.A. residents to San Diego because, simply, she fell in love. That change rocked her world (and her bliss) and she has spent the past year finally delving into the roots of her writing--penning a memoir and founding The Plot Tribe website-- and redefining what she wants to do in this world, which, she would like to highlight, is directly related to who she is. 

What rocks your bliss? 

What rocks my bliss is the truth. I love the truth. Which piggy backs on my other love, human connection. I love meeting humans who are gentle yet strong, and are willing to let you dive into them as much as they've dove into themselves. When you meet a stranger, and they look you in the eye, and their smile is like a hug from an old friend, those are the moments I live for and love to be a part of. 

Describe your perfect day. 

My perfect day... ahh... (note: this question reminds me of the beauty pageant in Miss Congeniality... anyone?) I love Saturday morning because my boyfriend doesn't rush out the door, and we awaken into the calm knowing that we have all day to figure out where it's going to lead us. I love walking to the neighborhood café, sipping on my not yet drinkable triple latté, and walking to the beach to nuzzle into the damp sand, and watch the surfers do their thing at the ungodly hour of the morning. Ideally, next, we go to our favorite brunch spot in Hillcrest where they know us by name (I love restaurants that become your second home), and, then, go on a hike, breathing in fresh air away from the overstimulating cacophony of cars, crying infants, and the hustle of everyone on the go. This has gotten really long really fast (clearly, I love details)... So, I would love to take a nap or watch a movie (if you haven't seen Captain Fantastic yet, please do so) and, then, barbecue and eat under the stars by the fire pit, listening to Bon Iver Pandora Radio while drinking on a $15 bottle of red wine.

When do you feel most creative and alive? 

I feel most creative and alive when I trust myself. I think this whole thing/process/experience called life is a journey that only gives us a little bit of the answer to the mystery at a time. I have spent the last seven years figuring out who I am and what that looks like, and, after spending days on end alone, in the corner office of your cramped yet over priced apartment, you go a little crazy (I'm not a prisoner... I'm a writer; no, they're not mutually exclusive). So, I have to walk to the beach and breathe...and, then, walk back, and turn on "Sugar" by Maroon 5, blasting it through the speakers and dance. That is how I renew "the stale me" into "the creative and alive me," calling myself back into my body, and reminding myself that I am not my thoughts, I am so much more than what I think and what I do. I can just be, and, then, it will flow.

Share a huge goal you're rocking. 

Ooh. Another toughie. Well, I moved to Spain after I graduated college to teach english. I promised myself I would write a book about the unconventional life that had gotten me to that point, and all the things I learned by leaving my comfort zone. So, I have been working on that book; it's about awareness, identity, and how that is an evolving process that demands conscious work. Ultimately, my dream is to help people and let them know that we all go through hard times, and, you can and will over come them. Whether that happens through my book (which I plan to make into a three book series) or a different profession, I am still figuring out. So, please let me know if you would be interested in the book; I could use a little encouragement right now :)

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

Easiest question yet: Kauai. I have a HUGE dream to move to Hawaii and start a farm. I want to eventually own a healing retreat center and bring people back to the roots of being human; which was not always consumed by working and driving and exercising and dieting, but, rather, learning from one another in a safe, communal space where we can just be ourselves and re-learn how to take care of ourselves in an organic way. 

How do you handle setbacks? 

I am not gonna lie; I cry. I have learned to feel my emotions as they happen and, then, let them go. There is no use saving them for a later date because they just get bigger and uglier. Then, I either go for a walk or go to yoga to ground back into my body. Setbacks don't necessarily need to be negative; they can just be looked at as changes. And change is both never going to go away and will constantly keep us guessing. And, remembering that, and accepting that, is a practice. So, I also do a lot of self talk haha. 

How do you come home to yourself?

This is a great question. I am by myself a lot these days, but, it wasn't always that way. Most of my jobs were in the service industry where I was constantly giving myself to others, which was really hard for me since I am an empath. I could always pick up on others' energy and would assume it as my own, wondering if I had caused them to feel unhappy or done something to upset them. I didn't know what I know now. But, instinctively, to come back to myself, I would ride my bike. I often got off of work at night, when the Venice boardwalk was lit and empty, a rare sight to swim through, and I would just ride through the darkness, seeing that there is calm in the world if you know how to find it. Nowadays, I meditate. Closing my eyes is the most beautiful feeling; to know that the physical world is not the only aspect of life we have going on. Then, I journal it out. 

What are 3 ways you rock the self-love? 

1. I cook.

2. I do yoga or walk.

3. I consciously make time for me in a place I want to be in without distractions. 

Here is an extra love note from Court! "Please reach out! Love hearing people's ideas/stories. is my website about storytelling. I think the world has become so fast that we have forgotten how to not only ground into ourselves, but ground into the sense of community that makes us human. So much of storytelling is either diluted or overdramatized via TV, the media, movies. I want stories that are real, that make you think, and that are accessible (aka: free). That is what I have set up at The Plot Tribe."