Corri Chadwick

Meet Corri Chadwick! Corri lives in Northern California. She is the wife of a wonderful, creative, and kind man, and a mama to two beautiful children. By day she work as a therapist with teenagers whose mental health is affecting their learning. And in her spare time she teaches yoga at what she would say is arguably the best little yoga studio there ever was (Zuda Yoga in Sacramento, CA). Corri finds great joy in taking pictures—mostly of her children, her furniture, and her children on her furniture. You can check out all of Corri's beautiful photos over on her instagram feed @littlenectar

What rocks your bliss?

My very first Manduka yoga mat (that probably needs to be tossed, but still brings me happiness), date nights, the sound of my children’s laughter, marled socks, being a student, taking pictures, early mornings when everyone is still asleep and I get to soak up that space with stillness and coffee, more coffee, solo drives (listening to loud music with the floor heater on and the windows down), impersonations, rain, teaching yoga and connecting with my yoga community.

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would probably involve the most simple of things: early silence, coffee, soccer games, farmer’s markets, family day trips. Five years ago I would have laughed at hearing myself say this, but today this is my Truth.

When do you feel most creative and alive?

I feel most creative and alive when I am consumed by the moment and allowing God to move through me without assuming that I know better. This is usually happening when I am teaching yoga and doing other types of transformational work, when I am behind the lens of a camera, and when I am writing.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I am really feeling called to write. It’s really hard for me to say this out loud because there’s still a part of my small self that somehow feels I don’t have the right to declare this. I also feel afraid to accept the responsibility of it. My work right now is letting go of the idea that what I produce needs to be perfect, so that I can just begin. And I’m also trying to remind myself that Spirit is guiding me into creation and what I create is really not as important as saying yes to it.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

The last several years I have really felt called to Scandinavia and Iceland. Or I would love to take an RV trip through the deep South.

How do you handle setbacks?

I feel much gentler on myself in handling setbacks since finding yoga, and especially since becoming a mother. I mostly try to trust that the obstacle really is the path, and that there really is a gift in things not going the way I want for them to go. That being said, I don’t always like it. And it doesn’t mean I don’t try to resist and control the hell out it sometimes. But usually I can find trust and faith in the detour. When I find myself in these situations, I try to remember one of my favorite Marianne Williamson quotes that says, “It’s not really up to us the lessons we learn. But it is up to us whether or not we learn them through pain or joy.”

How do you come home to yourself?

Prayer, meditation, my yoga mat, coming from love in all that I say and do.

What are 3 ways you rock the self-LOVE

I really think the previous question answers this. When I am grounded in those practices, everything (EVERYTHING) seems to fall into place perfectly. 

Instagram: @littlenectar