Casey Carrion

Meet Casey! Casey is currently calling Pasadena, California "home"--but you can often find her heart wandering in the Pacific Northwest and she usually has a plane ticket to anywhere in her back pocket. An early-riser, she loves her morning coffee and that sweet morning light. She is a big sister and a great listener and an all-in hugger. Casey works as a stylist and knows that she is doing good work when she can help women feel confident and tackle the (sometimes) hardest part of their days: getting out the door in the mornings. She drops the eff bomb on the regular and cries when she sees people living their purpose. Also, puppies. More than anything, she knows that we are all in this together and has lived that truth most recently as one of the Bliss Crafters in RYB's inaugural 7 Weeks to Bliss course. 

What rocks your bliss?

Balance. Belly-laughing with the girls and serious conversations about purpose and power. A bright green smoothie for breakfast and veggie tacos and tequila for dinner. My button-down puppy print flannel pjs and wild hair on a rainy day and a faux leather dress and wedges and liquid eyeliner that weekend. Meticulously planning a trip to Peru with my man and a spontaneous 72-hour road trip to hike the Grand Canyon with the bestie. It's all life and it's all good.

Describe your perfect day.

An early, intentional, and thoughtful hour of coffee by a sunny window followed by a big, seasonal breakfast that I cook with my man. And maybe some champagne. Alright, definitely some champagne. A picnic of veggies and trail mix and cookies is packed. Then, we go to the pound and adopt our future pup, Romper. To the park it is! My guy drives and I sing "The Riddle" by Five for Fighting. At the park, we play with Romper and enjoy the sun and the goodies we packed before heading back home. Friends and family have gathered in our little home for a "Welcome to the Family, Romper!" party. So much laughter and love, home-cooking and hugs. At some point in the night, I look up. I see my sister playing with my nieces. I see my uncle making a vegetarian pasta just for me. I see Romper excited with all of this extra love. I see my guy making a joke as his hand is on my knee and I know it doesn't get any better than this. 

When do you feel most creative and alive?

I feel most alive when I help people see their worth. You, me--we have this beautiful, magical, innate worth! Maybe you grew up knowing that, maybe you didn't. Maybe you did and it slipped away and maybe you signed up for a RYB retreat to find it again. That special It in all of us is unique and radiates with value that connects us to each other and our world. If I can help you shine your brightest, most authentic light, then the world is a little brighter for everyone. Whether it's over a cup of coffee or a walk-and-talk (I love me a good walk-and-talk!), I feel most creative and alive when I see that light that connects us all--when someone says, "Yes. That is exactly that I was feeling," or "Me, too." And when I know that we both know we're not alone.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I am currently in the process of lightening my load. In the month of April, I decided that I was going to give away half of my possessions. I had this vision of myself holding up two shirts. I liked both of the shirts just fine, but in my vision, I set one aside to donate and put one in my closet. And the feelings that came were freedom and relief, living into this goal of an abundant and generous mindset.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

I'm headed down to Argentina to hike around Iguazu National Park: rocky, rainy waterfalls, green-green greens, and just more water than your brain can fathom pouring over la Garganta del Diablo. Or Seattle. But if it's Seattle, the ticket might be one-way.

How do you handle setbacks?

Hugs and perspective. It's okay to be disappointed. It's okay to feel let down. The first thing I do after a major setback is ask for a hug. My man, my best friend--great huggers. Then, I check in with myself. How you doing, girl? Well, that wasn't what we planned. What can I learn? How can I move forward? Is this the right direction for me? Is this the right timing? Then, I create a new plan and step into it. The longer I stay in the check-in phase, the harder it is to get moving. If the fear is still too big and real to look in the face, I grab the closest piece of paper and start listing things I am thankful for. Nothing gets me out of a funk quicker than remembering the beauty in my life. Chocolate helps, too.

How do you come home to yourself?

Home is one of my core values and as a bit of a wanderer, I've needed to create that space in myself over and over again. Home is where I am infinitely loved, accepted and valued. I can tell that I'm unsettled and disconnected from myself when I check in and hear nothing. I've recently learned that I give myself the silent treatment if I've been too busy for self-care or if my inner voice has gotten too critical. I mean, would you keep talking to someone who was being mean to you? Yeah, me neither. I come home by clearing out the mental cobwebs, apologizing and forgiving myself. Then getting real and practicing that extra dose of self-love.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

1. Cooking. I love a good veggie-filled meal and I know that I am taking care of me when I look down at my plate and see all of the colors of the season. 
2. My morning hour. 5AM americano by a sunny window in my pjs and a solid hour with my thoughts and my bullet journal. I sip my coffee and decide how I want to show up that day, who I want to connect with, what I want to accomplish, and how I want to feel. I make my lists and craft my schedule and jot down three things that are at the top of my gratitude list. I call this sacred time my "morning hour" and I've done it nearly every day for six years.  
3. Cuddling. I am a rockstar cuddler and enjoy a good cuddle sesh. Blanket forts optional but highly encouraged.