Caley Alyssa

Meet Caley Alyssa! Caley's love for yoga and passion for connection with her global community has allowed for her to blossom within the field she loves and become an internationally recognized yoga teacher/writer/social media influencer. She is a pillar of leadership and empowerment within her local community in Los Angeles, co-hosting a monthly speaker series called Women Catalysts

Yoga helped Caley transition from working a 9-5 in Finance, to finding the career of her dreams. She was able to connect with her community, move gracefully through a divorce, and create a life beyond anything she had imagined before.

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What rocks your bliss? 

Being in nature. Hot baths. Travel. Good food. Friends. Partnership. Snuggling. Writing (which I never used to do because I was afraid to share and thought I had nothing unique or useful to say!) My dog, Boeckman. Physical activity. Physical touch. Connection with other humans. 

Describe your perfect day. 

Waking up, windows open, fresh air, comfy sheets...and feeling rested! Morning snuggles, kisses everywhere, love explosion. Meditation. Meditation. Meditation. Brewing up a delicious herbal elixir to sip on as a go... Hike with my pup and a girl friend, or hitting up my climbing gym and bouldering for a couple hours. Enjoying a delicious lunch at one of my favorite local spots. Building my business, planning for awesome things to come. Collaborating and creating with others. Teaching a sweaty and connected yoga class to my dedicated students. Music. Movement. Sunset walk down the beach, dip in the cool ocean, sandy feet. More snuggles, more mouthwateringly delicious nibbles, "i love you". Comfy pjs (or not) and a damn good book.

When do you feel most creative and alive? 

I feel most creative when I'm being physically active, mostly when this is connected with nature. I always get my best ideas when I'm working out, hiking, on my yoga mat, swimming in the ocean...even in deep meditation. I feel most alive when I'm learning something new, playing the guitar, climbing, speaking publicly, experiencing new cultures, in sound baths and energy healing...

Share a huge goal you're rocking. 

Filling my India retreat in January is first, writing my first book (yikes!) is second, and expanding my brand to incorporate transformation through connection, working-out & working-in is third. I want to have a bigger impact. To touch as many humans as possible and positively influence them and their lives. To help them accomplish and live their dreams! 

If I could get on a plane right now, where would I be going?

I can't pick just one...Cuba before American culture has too big of an impact. Japan to stuff myself full of udon noodles. Africa to roam wild in the fields, safari with the animals, and swim off the coast in their epic waves. Morocco to play with the camels and collect as many rugs as possible. France, because I've always wanted to go and will not let my high school language choice go to waste. Peru to learn from Chamans, experience Ayahuasca, and hike Machu Picchu. So many more...

How do you handle setbacks?

At first, not super well. I always take a bit to allow myself to be sad and frustrated about whatever it is that didn't happen how I wanted it to. I don't blame the universe or others, it's always myself. Then, after my self imposed dark period, I ask myself what I can do to change course and redirect my energy to accomplish whatever it is I am still hell bent on doing/getting. If I can do it myself, I will. If I can't, I'll ask my partner and/or girl friends for ideas and help. Then I'll be obsessed with doing whatever it is until the set back has been overcome. I don't take "no" very easily....this is why I work for myself and have been as successful as I am...setbacks suck. But they are a challenge I will always overcome. Because if I don't, I have only myself to blame. 

How do you come home to yourself?

Unplug from all things social media. Phone off. Get in nature. Normally a plunge in the ocean does the trick.  Wind in my face, fresh air and trees. Reading a great book in a hot bathtub. Writing in my journal (although admittedly this is few and far between). Laying in the cool grass warm with sun on my face. Music. Vibrations. 

What are 3 ways you rock the self-love? 

1. The products I use on and in my body- TOP NOTCH. I don't skimp on personal care products, makeup, food. What you consume becomes a part of you. Choose wisely. 

2. Spa- I try to get a massage or scrub at least once a month. 

3. Meditation- when I don't meditate, I can get pretty crazy. The humans in my life can attest to this! Meditation is Mandatory for self love. 

Instagram: @caleyalyssa