Bliss List: April

Welcome to the Bliss List. Every month we'll be putting together a Bliss List, a hodgepodge of what we're loving and what has inspired us over the past month.

After leading two retreats back to back this year we have spent the Spring intentionally. MB was working to get her health back and Jacki spent time focusing on her relationship with little Evi and her husband.

We'd been through so many life changes in the past year and a half that we needed new photos. We hired one of our best friends and a brilliant photographer, Ashley Turner to capture some new shots. We cannot wait to share them with you!

Welcome Spring with all the bliss this season, here are a few of our favorite things....

Arctic Lake. Totally in love with the gorgeous vocals and rhythmic beats by this band. Perfect for an afternoon yoga practice.

Matcha tea. MB has been loving this powdered green tea but hasn't yet mastered making it herself. One of her favorite coffee shops Alfred serves it with coconut milk and a little honey.

Honey. Jacki is literally obsessed with all things bees wearing her 'No Honey, Mo Problems' hat all over town after doing a workshop with the Founder of Beekeepers Naturals, Carly Stein. Check them out, Jacki now swears by propolis, royal jelly and high quality honey. 

Treehouse style. MB and her husband moved into their treehouse-like digs about seven months ago and have just started playing with decorating the outside space. There's three different decks to decorate so she's been loving this book by Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney.

Vedic Readings. If you happen to visit Denver, Colorado this year, check out Sarita from Tibet Imports and schedule a reading with her. She talks the placement of your planets and all that is possible now and in the future. At the end of your reading, you walk away with a mala to manifest your intentions into reality. 

Mark Nepo. MB and Jenny come back to poet Mark Nepo over and over and over again for his distilled and poignant reminders on what it means to be human. Jenny recently read his book Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close To What Is Sacred and had to buy the book after borrowing it from the library just to go back and highlight everything that rang true. Mark's wisdom bombs took up five pages in her journal!  

'On Being' Podcast. Krista Tippett's podcast 'On Being' [about the exploration of what it means to be human] feels profound and necessary with every listen, but her latest episode with Pádraig Ó Tuama was one of the most profound conversations we have ever heard on language and belonging. If your soul needs a deep breath, give this a listen.