Bliss List: January

Welcome to the Bliss List. Every month we'll be putting together a Bliss List, a hodgepodge of what we're loving and what has inspired us over the past month.

January was a whirlwind month for the both of us and yet, such an intentional start to the year. We got right to work on many of the projects we've been dreaming, we marched for women both in DC and Colorado and we led our first retreat of the year to Ojai.

A few things we're crushing on this month:

  • Podcast love. We were invited onto our first podcast together with Rosie Acosta of Radically Loved. We talk how the creation of Rock Your Bliss, our relationships and choice in our beliefs. Tune in here.
  • 7 Weeks to Bliss. We are halfway through our third offering of 7 Weeks to Bliss. These past few weeks have been full-to-the-brim of vulnerable conversation, inspiring goals and a radical community. If you wanna join our next offering, you can sign up for the wait list here.
  • Getting outside. We both had ample opportunities to get into the mountains this month and breathe some of that fresh alpine air. There's nothing better than unplugging and enjoying quality time with the ones we love.
  • Free yoga. MB launched new classes at YogaAnytime. She filmed several thirty minute slow flows themed around twists, arm balancing and heart opening. Click here for 30 free days of practice.
  • Beauty ritual. Winter wreaks havoc on our skin. We love our holistic beauty rituals from brand Pura Botanicals. A few of our favorites: Botanical Bloom Essence, Lolita Face Drops and Winter Botanical Perfume Oil.
  • Butter coffee. Jacki loves waking up to the opportunity to sip her favorite coffee concoction of grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil and a touch of heavy cream (indulge!). Mix into a delicious Americano or coffee of choice. Blend and enjoy!  
  • BeLove. We love clothes with a mission. Our new BeLove RADICAL LOVE flow tees are a great reminder of self love and global love as a radical stand for what we believe in. Portions of the proceeds from the clothing line go to The Alexandria House, learn more here!
  • Samaya. These luxurious and beautifully constructed mediation cushions are an intentional reminder to slip into stillness every day. Jacki even gives herself a gold star on her calendar every time she sits down to mediate, hello accountability. We are loving the creating time and space to sit in this new season.
  •  The Moon Deck. We love this stunning oracle deck for daily inquiry and soul-support. Jenny loves spending time pulling cards for gentle reminders of mindful living through her week, day and year. It's a co-creative act to be in communication with your desires, dreams, and goals for the year ahead.