Ashley Johns

Meet Ashley Johns, Indiana heartbeat and the powerhouse woman and Founder of the empowering brand, Fierce Forward. Jacki met Ash at Hanuman Festival years ago and they have since stayed connected on the social channels. Taking it offline, Ash joined MB and Jacki at the Fall 2015 Rock Your Bliss retreat in Mexico and her ability to speak her truth, get curious and explore her own joy keeps us inspired and connected.  Read on about her bliss...

What rocks your bliss? 

The little things Rock my Bliss! Things that fill me up and make me happy to be alive in this moment like: choosing me first each day, my himilayan salt lamp on while I write this, being inside all day because it's pouring rain and you know there's no where else to be, always moving forward fiercely in my life and for my Self, a long hug from someone who needed you, people that are good people, squeezing my angel-boys Leo & Axel (they're cats!), antiquing and feeling all the history around me, a really good Cappuccino, being of service to others, adventure, giving, a big belly laugh with someone you love, when people use the courage they have within them (that's hot!), deciding a long time ago that I wouldn't follow the rules but instead, follow my heart and living that every day! So many things!!!

Describe your perfect day. 

I think my perfect day is a day away but if I had to get fiercely perfect... I'm really getting present and focused on HOW TO live my perfect day every day and that is by way of finding a way to detach myself from that which I feel attached. To give my energy to that which I love which is my work but at the same time to feel I can show up when I am ready to show up in the day for that work and the rest of the day would look like this: going to the gym to lift weights, get my sweat on and empower myself while listening to Les Brown videos and reciting my soul values to myself! I would grab three cappuccinos on the way home with my ray bands on as the sun beats down on my face. I would arrive home to cuddle my boys after a big hug and kiss from my husband, Mark, who would now be working with me at Fierce Forward. We would talk on the couch over our coffee and then my girl, Kahli, would greet us with the big energy she always does, ready to work! We would all be working to build something together and we would work until we felt good about what we did that day. Then Mark and I would sit on the couch, I would smother him with love per usual and we would wind down to our favorite show. It seems pretty simple, and I'm excited to envision this for the first time with you. I find so much value in my work and in my relationships and that includes the one with myself and I feel I hit all those in this day! 


Share a huge goal you are rocking. 

At the present, I am rocking many cause that's how I roll but my favorite is with Miss Jacki Carr and getting my Goal Coaching Certification. This has been something I have wanted to do for some time now and being a big believer in the Universe meeting me in the middle when we're both ready, it wasn't showing up for me the past two years when I first began really investing my intention into doing this. Then, I found Jacki and then she found me in Boulder and I knew this was the right course. 

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

Italy. I have always wanted to go to Italy and explore history and feel a part of something so incredibly timeless and ancient with history. I imagine it would be like living in the script The Talented Mr. Ripley, or at least that's what I would be wearing. And drinking lots of Cabernet. 

How do you handle setbacks? 

I think I handle them like everyone, most times right away you curse it and ask, "why me," but then I get to a point where I know (through experience of falling and getting back up) that setbacks are what give you strength. So then I use them as flame to the fire and fierce forward through and with them. I then find myself back to that why me attitude but always come back to my belief of setbacks, that they are there to shed light on your strength. In Life, it's so easy to get caught up in our to-do's and the hustle of the daily and we forget to strive for more. So mostly I think setbacks WAKE US UP and I appreciate them for that. 

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

Ahhhh, first and foremost, I wake up and look at my chalkboard wall that says, "start the day for you Ash" and I do that! I start the day for me and hit the gym which feeds my body, mind and spirit!! It empowers me to be my fiercest Ash and that's EVERYTHING for me. Secondly, I am kind to women. I am kind because I believe fiercely that we do not need to shut other women out or criticize them or feels our light dims because of theirs and I feel this belief so strongly because I believe in and love my self. My mission is to spread this belief to as many women as possible, so that they can change this pattern that has moved throughout time and history, because we need each other and when you can just love yourself, you can then love others, including women!! Thirdly, I give to myself and put the stake in the ground for Ash when it comes to my happiness.  I give myself pink and orange flowers every other week, love notes in the form of post-its on my computer, trips to Sayulita to be present with Ash, taking time out of my day to snug with my angel boys, a great pair of classic Adidas kicks (last week) and really, just work to enjoy the little things that make me feel good. And finally, I protect my happiness. I know what does and does not make me happy in work, relationships and Life and I protect that happiness because I have to, because no one else will do it for me. And that's a job I am happy to do because because let's get real, it Rocks my Bliss to take care of Ash! 



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