Anjua Maximo


Blisscrafters: vibrant souls inside-and-out, living their core values everyday and making their mark on the world – one intention and action at a time.

Meet Anjua Maximo. One incredible Mama, leader to the max(imo), and co-Founder of Cleveland’s newest (soon-to-be-open) sweat studio, GrooveRyde. Anjua is one of those humans that wears her heart and bliss all over her sleeves, an absolute magnet of possibility and so damn fun.  Read on and get your actual sweat and mental sweat on with her!

What rocks your bliss?  
Spending time with my family outside, drinking a bottle of Malbec with my girls, that perfect song that can drive right into my soul and get me dancing.

Describe your perfect day.  
I wake up and the sun is shining (I live in Cleveland, this is a big deal). I get the boys dressed, fed and lunches prepped with minimal drama. Once the house is quiet again I sit and center myself in the sun room, just breathing and taking it all in.  The centering get’s me ready for a great coach call with a client or  an extraordinary Pure Mvmnt class. Either way, I’m doing what makes me happy and fulfills my purpose. I scoop the kids up, we play outside for a bit and then hubby announces it’s a sushi kind of night. Thank God, after 14 years he knows when I’m not really trying to cook Later on it’s snuggles, bedtime stories and not so soft snores. Once that’s done it’s all about Game of Thrones for me and the man. Bring on the dragons.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.
I just completed my life coaching certification with iPEC and I’m about to open two boutique studios with my husband. I’m feeling kinda 10 feet tall right now.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
Bali or Maldives. I am all about the beach and locations that are one stop short of heaven.

How do you handle setbacks?
I allow them to hit me. I allow myself to be emotional about it, to experience the hurt or disappointment and then I consider what could have been done differently from all angles. Then it’s back to action moving forward with my new plan or direction.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.
Hmmm this is admittedly an area I am constantly working on. I give a lot willingly to others and often accept that I don’t need anything to keep me going. Lately I’ve been calling myself on my bullsh!t and giving me what I need. That has looked like a lavender bath with a book I’ve been dying to finish, yoga with a teach I love, or just giving myself a pedicure. What ever it is it usually involves me being quiet with myself. As a coach I spend a lot of time listening to others so sometimes I just want to hear nothing or let other’s take the lead. Taking care of myself can also can be as seemingly simple as asking my husband for the support I may need in the moment with the kids, the dinner, or the laundry before the constant giver in me hits a wall of victim.