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Meet Angelina! Angelina is a middle school counselor by day and yoga teacher by night. After losing her father to a homicide in 2012, she has been on a path to healing and discovering new lessons along the way. She is passionate about sharing those lessons and empowering others to access their own intuition on their own healing journey.

What rocks your bliss?

Yoga, on and off my mat. Connection with myself, others, nature and animals. Honest conversations that linger in your soul days later. The light that comes on in one of my students eyes when they have made a connection to themselves. Passion infused into everything I do. Constant education. Nourishment.

Describe your perfect day.

I would wake up early for sacred alone time spent meditating, reading and writing. I would make it to the 5:30 AM Power Hour Hot Yoga class at my favorite yoga studio, then home for a quick shower and to jump back in bed to cuddle with my husband who wakes up like clockwork at 7:00. Rising slowly with him and sitting on the couch together with big, steaming mugs of tea talking about our next trip. When our son wakes up, we all take a long hike with our dogs and head home for brunch, followed by reading and delicious naps. In the afternoon, we start preparing a big meal for some of our closest friends and family. My husband and I will cook, sing and dance in the kitchen. We would serve up a meal of love to our people and have wonderful conversations over multiple bottles of wine. 

When do you feel most creative and alive?

I feel most creative on my yoga mat when I am grooving through a home, self-practice. I get to play with what feels most instinctual for my body at that moment and incorporate longer holds, dancing and singing. I feel most alive in my own church of nature; backpacking through the wilderness, trail running and climbing peaks.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

As part of my throat chakra work, I am committed to becoming fluent in Spanish and using it more in my job as a middle school counselor. It has been a struggle to turn my poor conversational skills into professional, academic language. However, it is so important for me to connect with the parents of the kids I work with, so this has become a priority, I have let go of the shame and embarrassment and embraced the blunders along the way. A huge dream of mine is to one day teach yoga classes in Spanish and make yoga more accessible to my own community. 

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

India. I am going in June and would love to get a head start.

How do you handle setbacks?

I allow myself the time to be sad and sit for a moment in disappointment, even though these feelings feel so uncomfortable in my body. I have learned the hard way I still need to honor them because they are valid, but also acknowledge that they are temporary. After acknowledging the sadness, I take a deep breath, journal it out, release the negativity, embrace the lessons and move on.

How do you come home to yourself?

Hiking and camping are my go-tos to re-establish my roots when I have gone too far into my head or lost my connection. A good nap is like a re-set button and a powerful, connected conversation with someone else.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

I schedule non-negotiable down time in my weekends and have stopped feeling bad about it. I have learned that saying “I have plans” is perfectly acceptable to turn down some invites and napping on my couch is a valid plan. I wake up obscenely early to spend time alone in meditation, writing and reading each day. I am committed to filling up my own soul before supporting others. I am generous with treating myself to massages.

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