Allyson Pfeifer


Meet Allyson Pfeifer. I was lucky enough to meet Allyson my first week moving to Santa Monica when she invited me to the hardest yoga class of my life (literally almost died) and then to a book club where I lied about having read the book. Maybe not the strongest start but from there we have fostered a beautiful friendship over the past several years. Allyson is one of the most generous, openhearted, best gift-giver there ever was and hardest working woman I've ever met. Jacki and I have had many, many adventures with this heartbeat at the ocean, on a yoga mat, in a bar and on a road trip or two!  Read about her bliss! 

What rocks your bliss?

Many many things. Laughing hysterically with my friends after starting an impromptu dance battle, sending the perfect card to a loved one at the moment they need it most, coming home to the sheer joy of my dog Hank, and closing a yoga class with a soft voice and tucking everyone into Savasana, knowing that I've done my very best to ensure they have as blissful a rest as possible.

Describe your perfect day.

Waking up at my own pace and taking the dog on a long walk. Making coffee and sipping it in my hammock with a good book as the sun starts to warm my skin and I plan the massive egg sandwich I'm about to create. Packing up for an adventure day at the beach, hiking, camping or hanging with dear friends outside for a bbq. There are probably margaritas and soul music, and more dogs.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

Writing. At first it's terrifying to release my words out into the universe, but every time I do I feel a huge exhale in my bones. Feels damn good.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

Greece with my closest friends and a sailboat, and lots of wine. We should probably hire a captain.

How do you handle setbacks?

In the bathtub usually. I lived with my best friend from growing up right after college and she always used to say "take a bath" as if it was the remedy for everything. I would argue with her and growl because sometimes I just wanted to be upset and drink wine instead, but she was always right. She taught me a lot about taking time to care for myself, to pause, reassess, and restore. Now I kick it with my rubber ducky on the reg, and I can still bring my glass of wine.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

1) Decide what I need and is best for me first, before I decide what is best for everyone else (oof, this one's new and hard for me).

2) Body work, especially massages and chiropractic care mmm...

3) Yoga retreats! They're game changers.