Alex Smith Davis

Meet Alex Smith Davis, a Colorado heartbeat out to change the World. Fresh off a trip to Haiti and a recent move back to the states from Madagascar, Alex is a global mind, intuitive coach, a yogi, twin, writer and hiker. We embarked on an Inner Compass journey with Alex this year rocking her meditations and exploring our balance.  Read on about her bliss...

What rocks your bliss?

That's a tough one! I could say speaking another language, fresh snow falling, getting lost on a Colorado peak, hanging with my honey and our dog Miles Davis, getting my sweaty workouts on. But! I think the biggest thing that brings me bliss is rocking all parts of me in the world instead of holding onto this idea that I need one career or somehow I'm not whole/fully realized. For me, those parts of me are being of service and strengthening spirit. Healing the outer and the inner. I wake up every day torn between a desire to do some worldchanging and to play in all of its beauty. I feel so grateful to be part of movements to make things better here in the States when it comes to accessing justice and abroad when it comes to health care. But if I was in this service to healing the outer full-time I think part of my bliss would be muted. I so love that I get to do work coaching people on how to heal their energetic and spiritual selves to balance my social justice work. I'm such a big believer that we're at our most blissful when our inside feel nourished enough to support us in how we want to move through the world. 

Describe your perfect day.

I'm an early riser so I'd probably wake up with the sun rise. While my husband and my dog spoon, I'd slip away to run, lift some weights, hop on my bike, or hit my yoga mat. Then we'd all go for a long park walk or farmer's market mosey with some coffee followed by a little brunch date (my favorite meal for dates). Next up, we'd head out to the mountains for an afternoon hike and afterwards head home to host a potluck with all the friends I love. I'm sort of a potluck addict. They're just the best. I'd wrap the day with listing some gratitude from the day with my honey.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

Balancing a life of doing justice work domestically and internationally, infusing it all with spirit. I'm doing a glasses project I'm especially psyched about. Next up, I'd love to bring my coaching work into the worldchangers I work with in both these worlds.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

This is a tough one! I'm about to hop on a plane to Haiti and I'm pretty happy with that now. I'd also be psyched to be headed back to Uganda, a country that feels like one of my heart homes. Nothing beats its beauty, warmth, adventure, and hugs.

How do you handle setbacks?

I seem to always have a lot of balls rolling so that I can let the ones not meant to be fall away. That's not to say I don't reflect on failure or have a process with it. I think I just work on not overanalyzing it. For me setbacks and failures are incredible teachers. I like to step away from them and ask, "Okay, what am I not seeing? Not feeling? Not exploring?" Often this awareness to look at the situation illuminates something profound. I also breathe. Breath is my way through always.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

I make sure to make a sweat session happen six days a week (be it HIIT training, yoga, running, hiking), on my rest day I take a bath/get a massage (my favorite self-care)/chill full-on, and I love to take a daily twenty minute break to journal goals/gratitude/vision/dreams. Once a month I also get unplugged for 12 hours- no phone, no computer- just presence. 

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