Jenny Lynn Wood

Meet Jenny Lynn Wood. Jenny is an at-home yoga teacher, curiously meeting her students exactly where they are in their personal practice. She is currently crafting a beautiful home-based life with her partner of five years in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. When not teaching, you can find her buried in a great fiction or self-help read, at the local coffee shop sipping on some chai, and passionately building a radical community of inspiring women to manifest some big shift in this world. She is so excited to be a part of the Rock Your Bliss tribe as our Tribe Cultivator. She is a stand for connection and community in this vibrant and ever-evolving space. She believes that when we dig deep, rock our vulnerability and speak our truth, we help elevate each other, heal our world, and give others the grace to live their most bliss-filled lives. 

What rocks your bliss?

Living my day through the lens of my values: RELATIONSHIP, MOVEMENT, DEVOTION, RESONANCE and INQUIRY. When the day starts, moves or ends here I know that I have been living into self-love, rocking one-to-one connection, getting curious in my goals, and offering guidance to others to unearth their beautiful and unique gifts in this world.

What is your perfect day.

Freedom from time restraints; slow, but early morning wake up, time to connect on my mat, coffee shop visiting and time to dive into a good book, an afternoon walk in the waning light, spending the evening on a date night with my man: usually a visit to our favorite neighborhood bar for a great cocktail followed by dinner by candlelight.

When do you feel the most creative and alive?

Teaching yoga to my private clients who are constantly inspiring me to dig deeper, learn more, crave my own practice and hold space for a nourishing experience. I have a pair of clients that I have been teaching for years; I am most alive when I see them move into a pose before I cue them, listening to their body and what it needs moment-to-moment. It’s a profound moment to stand witness to.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

Joining the RYB Bliss Team as our Tribe Cultivator! I have been investing in, creating beside, and admiring the work of Jacki and Mary Beth for years. It’s such a sincere honor and deep soulful pleasure to be able to co-create and combine our forces to grow this vibrant and powerful community into the future of Rock Your Bliss.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?

The beaches of Greece; sun soaked, a single chair with a pillow in the sand, a good book in one hand, a sweet dreamy beverage in the other with my partner is stretched out next to me. We have left behind all remnants and restrictions of time and “somewhere” to be.

How do you handle setbacks?

I always get back up, always. Setbacks are just stepping stones to new beginnings. As humans, we have the tendency to believe that where we are right now is where we will stay forever. I am firmly rooted in change and know that it is truly our only constant. It’s not always easy, fair, or comfortable, but transformation thrives in the unknown.

How do you come home to yourself?

Lying in savasana (that oh so sweet final posture at the end of every yoga class); that space for integration, one hand on my belly and one softly on my heart, reminds me that I am so uniquely human and that moment always meets me exactly where I am and gently reminds me that I am enough.

What are 3 Ways You Rock Self Love?

1. Investing that hard earned dollar back into me! I invested in a solo yoga workshop weekend with my chosen teacher, Elena Brower, last year and giving myself permission to be fully present, fully me, and fully in flow was worth every single dollar invested.

2. Quiet time at the end of each day to reconnect; usually this looks like a few deep breaths, some time to explore reading (right now it’s Paula Hawkin’s “The Girl on the Train”), and looking my sweet man in the eyes for some sweet 1:1 connection.

3. A morning walk: I have a short little 30 minute route in my neighborhood. I see something different every time and it helps me feel deeply connected to where I have chosen to live and build my home.


instagram: @woodjenny