4 Ways to Rock Your Bliss in 2017

The holidays are an interesting roller coaster. Indulge, indulge, indulge (and watch all of the Netflix!) then all of the sudden - surprise! - it’s time to have your resolutions in order and hit the ground running in the new year. We fully believe in taking the time to get your new year started right. That means a hefty dose of self care, intention setting and playfulness.

Here are a few ways we at Rock Your Bliss HQ get started on the year ahead -

#1 Get clear on what supports you.

Transition can make us feel unsteady, even just the shift to a new year. Knowing your roots will help you to feel grounded and clear. Write down your top five values and live them, know when to phone-a-friend and perhaps when you need to get up from this computer or phone screen and get some fresh air. Your values provide a support system for you to live in integrity with what’s important to you.

#2 Get excited about what lights you up.

How often do you look at your calendar or to-do list with a sense of dread? We try to live from a space where our soul cup is full. This means saying a big ol’ “hell yes” to the things that excite us, the tasks where we lose track of time because we’re just so “in it.” This means designing our lives from the space of our values. Mary Beth LaRue, the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, is sure to schedule in her creative time before taking on a bazillion meetings and phone calls while Jacki Carr, the other half of RYB, always makes time to get outside and breathe in some mountain air.

#3 Get a celebration ritual.

Beyond holidays and birthdays, create a style of celebration that you can access on the regular. Be it champagne chilled at all times, gold star stickers waiting to be handed out (to yourself) or a standing date night on the calendar with the ladies, your lover or the bathtub, know how to celebrate and then do it. All. the. time. You made it through Monday? CELEBRATE! You taught your first yoga class and two people came? CELEBRATE. You read a whole book front to cover? Yep, celebrate!

#4 Get grateful.

Gratitude brings us right back into the present moment, where we belong and truly where intention meets action. Whenever fear or comparison starts to creep in, take a moment to list three things in that very moment you are grateful for. Write in a gratitude journal or on a Post-it note or on the back of a take out menu. The important thing is it to get it down and to to see it. This visual reminder will bring you back to the fullness of the present moment.

Are there any other ways you like to start your new year with intention?