Jess Davis


Meet Jess Davis. Jess is the Founder and uber-edgy unplugged voice behind Folk Rebellion, a movement created to encourage the return of living in real life. Ironically, I met Jess online via instagram, then email exchange turned phone jam turned immediate soul sister connection. She was a part of the bliss tribe before she even knew it.  We love her passion for human connection, her quality of life that is so analog as folk and her fiery drive to craft more bliss offline.

What rocks your bliss? The unknown. I love to not know what is coming around the corner. Life feels more real for me that way. Waking up and each day is an adventure. Not knowing what comes next allows me to be present and not focus too much on the far off, because I don't really know what it is! Because of this I relish in change, upheaval, changing paths, and following signs. My girl Amy says it best;

"I am a firm believer that every few years one needs to shake one's life through a sieve, like a miner in the Yukon. The gold nuggets remain, the rest falls through like the soft earth it is." -Amy Poehler

Describe your perfect day. Waking up naturally. Preferably outside. Spending the day in nature with the sun beating down on my face and a mountain AND body of water nearby. Nothing too crazy, just a lazy day of warmth, hanging, cloud gazing with my son, catching fireflies, and listening to music. Close it out with some (good) red wine by a fire, lightning bugs and crickets in the distance, and the fluffiest down comforter known to man as we fall asleep under the stars. Oh and cheese. There must be cheese or its not my perfect day.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. My intention this year (and last!) was to have conversations with as many people as I could about the effects of technology on our lives. When I launched Folk Rebellion I said to myself "If I am able to get 1 person a day to think twice before reaching for a screen or device then I feel like I am serving a purpose for the greater good". So far I'm proud to say I'm kicking this goals ass.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? TheGreek Islands. I could use some warmth in my life right about now. As well as siestas, late night conversations on the beach about art, philosophy, love, and a Mediterranean suntan. I was lucky enough to have lived on the Islands for a few summers and that place burrows into your soul and never leaves you. The Greeks know how to live in the present and savor each moment. I think I am truly European at heart. I hope to have a home there someday and give back to the community that gave so much to me.

How do you handle setbacks? I'm an Irish/Italian redhead. I've got a bit of a stubborn streak and used to be quick on the draw with frustrations. I have learned that when something doesn't go as planned to step back, take a few deep breaths, and remind myself that there's always a reason as to why. I'm a big believer in signs and if there is a roadblock or setback I think its a sign telling me I still have something to learn or maybe I am headed in the wrong direction.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. Reading. Its my escape from a house full of boys. My special alone time. And it has to be a real book or a paper magazine. The glow of an e-reader isn't as calming (reminds me of working) and completely lacks the smell of a book with a good story it wants to whisper to you. Yes, books smell. And its intoxicating.

2. Massages. EVERYONE should do them. Can we get our health insurance to cover it yet? Deep tissue, body work, foot pedis, husband love, doesn't matter. I'm a happy on the outside always kind of person. I learned many years ago that I hide my stresses and it comes out it aching muscles and knots. Not only do they feel great but some of my ideas come from being totally relaxed and my mind is free from distractions to be creative.

3. Meditation/Mindfulness. Wherever I am, whenever its needed. This is new to me. I've only been practicing for a year but it has changed my life. My busy fast paced plugged in brain needed ways to create space and silence. I found myself again.