Jenna Dailey


Meet Jenna Dailey. Jenna recently brought us all the way to Aspen to do some blisscrafting! This girl is full of pure light. Jenna recently graduated from the University of Minnesota (go Gophs!). Aside from her passions of social media, community management, blogging and people development, she is an avid yogi and hiker with a serious case of wanderlust. She sees possibility everywhere, is a student of lifelong learning and lives for spontaneous big belly laughs.

What rocks your bliss? Living in the mountains, where my soul values (creativity, choice, connection, fun and adventure) truly come alive and I am always inspired to be my best self. Family, friends, blogging, yoga, hiking, traveling and big belly laughs are just a few of my most favorite things.

Describe your perfect day. A perfect day for me starts with bacon, hashbrowns and eggs. Mmm. Post breakfast, I lace up my sneakers, leash up my pup Charlie and head out for a hike while I blast Beyonce on my iPod and marvel at the mesmerizing, mystical mountains. Next, it's time for a warm power hour at my favorite yoga studio. After I get my asanas on, I take time to sort through all of the thoughts that spiraled through my head during the hike and share them on my blog. For dinner, my family and friends gather around a table overflowing with food, tequila and french silk pie for dessert. To wrap things up, I end the night with a solid stargazing session. Per-fec-tion.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. I am currently saving up for a 2016 Rock Your Bliss retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. Even more exciting? I've always dreamed of collaborating and creating with Jacki and Mary Beth to bring bliss to the world, and it's finally happening. Stay tuned, guys.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? New Zealand, hands down. Can you say endless coastlines, mountains galore and umm hello, Hobbiton? Middle earth, here I come. #nerdingout

How do you handle setbacks? First, I always call my mama bear and my papa bear. They can talk me down from anything and help me to see the best in even the worst of situations. Once I've had time to talk it out, I look for the learnings and put them into practice. Each time I encounter a setback, I bounce back a little stronger and smarter than before.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. Sharing myself through writing 2. Yoga and hiking 3. Learning - I'm always looking for opportunities to be a student.