Glennie Rabin


Meet Glennie Rabin.  It's not often I get to say that I met someone after stepping out of a truck filled with a blues band in Negril, Jamaica, but that's exactly how I met Glennie. I was twenty-two and had randomly signed up for a yoga retreat. I knew no one on the retreat, not even the teacher but felt it was something I had to do and boy, it was! Oh, and I had also missed the bus, hence the blues band transport. Glennie was my roommate and soon became a partner-in-crime and yoga buddy. Funny thing was she was living in Venice Beach, someplace I had never ever been and couldn't even picture, and I was in Washington DC. And now we live just a mile apart. Ah, life. Not only is Glennie a great friend but she's a killer DJ, a major cat lover (even owns a cat-shaped purse which I happen not to be allergic too), an ultra-talented web-designer (hire her!) and is so fucking funny I think she could walk on SNL and be just fine. She also has a pajama shirt with a grouchy cat on it that says "I don't do mornings." Enough said and I don't even like cats. (Sorry internet world!)

What rocks your bliss? Projects and ideas. Music projects, design projects, life projects. Serious ideas, funny ideas, hmmm-is-this-a-good-idea ideas. I feel the most blissed out when I’m in my own creative flow, and when I’m being deeply inspired by the creative expression of others around me.

Describe your perfect day. Wake up with my cats. Do yoga with my best friends. Laugh with my brother. Hear some music with my soul. Fall asleep with my love.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. I took a major leap in 2014. I left my full-time job in pursuit of love, music, and travel. Whoa. 2015 is a continuation of that journey. May the force be with me.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? It’s sort of an indirect flight. I'd fly to Sayulita and eat guacamole and read on the beach for a month or so until Mary Beth, Jacki, and the RYB crew arrive. But the plane would have to go a little out of the way to stop in London first and pick up my plus-one. Also, we want to step off the plane right onto the runway when we arrive, wearing sunglasses, all white linen, and our hair blowing perfectly in the wind.

How do you handle setbacks? I hug the nearest cat.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. Kale. Yoga. Forgiveness.