Erin Thomas


Meet Erin Thomas. I met Erin at Indiana University, we became best friends over Sex & the City marathons, ruffle chips and onion dip, and long drives around a lake called Griffey to clear the mind. With a razor sharp wit and a smile for days, I guarantee you will not be with Erin for less than five minutes without laughing hysterically, most likely while talking yoga inspiration and sipping red wine. She is an Indiana heartbeat, teaching yoga to the mass of students, townies and college athletes at Vibe Yoga Studio in Bloomington. One of THE most loyal friends I have ever met, she knows how to rock the bliss in the Midwest!

What rocks your bliss? In one word, connection. Be it with family, friends, my yoga community, nothing lights me up more than feeling connected to those around me. I think it's incredible when people hold space for each other, simply giving the other person permission to show up - exactly as they are. Mix that with side-splitting laughter and making memories along the way...amazing.

Describe your perfect day. A perfect day would start with waking up to the sunshine rather than my alarm. Next stop is coffee (to get me moving) on the way to a yoga class. Post Savasana, it's brunch with friends spent in fits of laughter. Napping is a luxury, so it goes without saying that it would have to be included in a perfect day. Following that, it's more time spent with those that make my heart smile . To me, it's less about the details of the wheres and whens and more about the company that I keep. A day filled with those that fill me up is simply perfection.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. To do more of what makes me happy! In May, I will have completed my 500-hour teacher training (a goal that has been on my list for a long time). So right now, happy looks a lot like getting all of my yoga notes/classes/workshops/ideas organized, spending more time on my mat, cultivating a meditation practice, journaling about the experience, and saying 'YES' to opportunities and ideas that take me out of my comfort zone.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? First stops would be Chicago, Colorado and California to snag my favorites and then we'd be jet setting to somewhere warm! Salty air and sweet, umbrella dressed drinks on a beach sounds like heaven. After acquiring my first passport stamp this year (hey, yo year 30!), I've found that my wanderlust has grown even stronger. Bali and Costa Rica are currently at the top of my must-visit list.

How do you handle setbacks? Normally, not with as much grace as I'd like! When something shakes me up, I often hear the voice of the old Garmin navigational system…RECALIBRATING, RECALIBRATING. To be honest, there's often a moment of flailing at first. Following the flail, it's time to get organized. To take stock of where things are in the moment, where I want them to be in the future, and then the creation of a game plan.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. First up, friend time. Over a glass of wine, it's chatting, checking in, and chuckling. Be it over the phone or in person, I always feel my best when I get to check in with my support system. They always offer the best insight and reflection of self.

2. Finding time for myself. I love the work that I do. Teaching gives me the chance to show up for other people and to open up space for others to find what they need. But when I know that I've moved off-center, I know it's time that I spend some solo time. It can be as simple as sitting with a good book at a coffee shop.

3. Get. On. My. Mat. There are days when it's the last place I want to be. I know what vulnerability lies ahead when I unroll that small piece of real estate. Often times its a recipe for tons of sweat and loads of tears. But when I need an real you-need-to-check-in-and-take-care-of-yourself moment, that's where you'll find me- music blasting and literally working through it.