Rachelle Tratt


Meet Rachelle Tratt. This girl just radiates soulful bliss. The first time I met her she was working the front desk at a local yoga studio. I'm pretty positive she had on some long feather earrings, a whole lotta necklaces and a bohemian-esque yoga outfit. But what struck me, and must strike most people, was her warmth, sparkliness and bright blue eyes. Along with being a radical yoga teacher, Rachelle has founded The Neshama Project, a line of opal hamsa jewelry from her favorite place on the planet and motherland Israel. Neshama, which is Hebrew for soul, was created to honor Rachelle's mama who passed away when she was nine years old. Rachelle literally gives her soul to this work and has helped change lives through her donations to Innovation Africa. I feel so grateful to have Rachelle's playfulness, inspiration and friendship in my life.

What rocks your bliss? Adventure. WIld barefoot dancing. A sweaty yoga class. Meaningful work. Quality time with family & friends. Love. People who live their truth. Licks & cuddles from my pup, Bailey. Nature. Generosity. Laughter. The sun on my skin, sand in between my toes, and a belly full of yummy healthy food.

Describe your perfect day. Outdoors, in nature, playing with the ones that I love most.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. Growing my company, The Neshama Project, and learning every day what it means to be an entrepreneur, teacher, leader, and a forever student of life.  A huge goal that The Neshama Project rocked this year was lighting up an orphanage in Uganada with sustainable technology from Innovation Africa, an amazing organization that we support. Oh and becoming a Lululemon ambassador for the flagship Santa Monica store was one of my goals that manifested this year, and I can't wait to rock this one over the next 2 years!!

How do you celebrate you? Dancing with my eyes closed.

What inspires you? Authenticity. Companies & individuals that have created something out of nothing. Challenges for they bring you straight to growth. Art. Music with a beat that just makes my soul come alive. Couples in love. Livin' outside of the box. My siblings. Knowing that I have the ability to make a difference just by putting a smile on someone's face. Giving back. Children giggling. My desire to meet & travel the whole world.

What is your power outfit? A flowy sundress, a fun pair of boots, an oversized sweater, and a hat....or my birthday suit :)

SING, what is your karaoke song? Ace of Base, "I Saw the Sign."

How do you handle setbacks? Breathe, pray, lean into my practice & my support system, and trust that everything will all be ok....oh and getting outside in nature always helps to put things in perspective for me.

Gut reaction, what do you think of failure? Doesn't exist in my world.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. Sweat & move my body erryday. 2. Eat clean during the week. (weekends I let myself indulge a lil' more ;) 3.  I believe in myself, my work in the world, more and more everyday.