Lindsay Jean Thomson


This week meet Lindsay Jean Thomson. I met Lindsay on my very first day of yoga teacher training in Washington DC many moons ago. As we went around the circle introducing ourselves, Lindsay announced that we were going to be friends. And after our first date out for a massive ice cream sandwich, it was a done deal. (Many more ice cream sandwiches and even more bottles of wine ensued.) Lindsay is San Fran-based and an ultra-talented yoga teacher and coach who is now working mostly with entrepreneurs focusing on their milestones or helping companies create a more inspired work environment. She lives for helping others live and work with more purpose. And she definitely rocks her bliss on the regular.

What rocks your bliss? Big belly laughs with my best friends. My home, San Francisco. Road trips along the coast. Live music. Stone fruit season. Spending the better part of my day barefoot. A delicious glass of rosé. Swimming in the ocean. A really good book. Trying something new. Dancing. My work. Being true.

Describe your perfect day. All of the above and more! Loving what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with, whatever it is. For me, being curious and delighted makes the most out of any day.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. I just finished a workbook (based on a workshop I recently offered). I'm really proud of it! It's about creating awareness, being at choice in your perspectives, defining success on your own terms, and bringing it all to life. Email me if you want it! You can do it on your own, with a partner, or with a group of friends.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? New Zealand! Iceland! Croatia! Greece! Turkey! So many places!

How do you handle setbacks? I try to treat everything I do like a practice, which appeals to my innate curiosity and helps assuage my inner critic. What I've also realized is that learning from setbacks starts with allowing myself to feel what I'm feeling, even if I don't like what that feeling is. Especially if I don't like it! Disappointment, sadness, anger,'s all part being human.

When I'm ready, I take whatever learning from it I can and move forward. The upside of having had setbacks is that I know in my heart that sometimes not getting what I want can bring the biggest blessings. And I get to choose how I see it and how I use it.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. Time off. I value experience and freedom, so I figured out a way to only work Monday through Thursday. Three day weekends every week...yes, please!

Dance class. I'm not particularly good at it (read: everything I do looks like an Irish jig), but I love it. Giving myself permission to not have to be "good" has been so freeing. And it's good to have a beginner's attitude!

Asking for help. I'm new at this too! And let me tell you: sometimes loving yourself means acknowledging that you need outside love and support.