Tracy Keough


Blisscrafters: vibrant souls inside-and-out, living their core values everyday and making their mark on the world – one intention and action at a time.

This week meet Tracy Keough, coach, energy worker, yoga teacher and founder of A View from the Cove. With a love of leading people into possibility through true connection to their authentic self with a no-holding-back style, Tracy is a truth talker and major blisscrafter through and through.

What rocks your bliss?

Simplicity.  I love the simple moments that often are the big moments so many people wait for.  Watching someone step into their personal power - a lightbulb going off when recognizing they can create their life.  The beauty of the outdoors, ground beneath my feet, wind in my (crazy) hair, sun or rain on my face.  Watching Mike teach and knowing he is does what he loves.  Eye contact and real presence. Possibility and showing others what it looks like.  New crystals finding their owner.  Truth + Love.

Describe your perfect day.

Waking up before the sun rises enjoying a solitary first cup of coffee, joined by Mike for the second cup.  Meditation with crystals to get grounded and set my intention for the day, then a sweaty endeavour - spinning, yoga or a hike.  Wandering around in the sunshine with no real agenda, then dinner with friends at my favourite little cafe + pie shop.

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

Integrating my love of leadership development with my intuitive crystal-loving side.  The world is ready and I'm stepping into it in a BIG way!  I just launched my website, which was a huge goal.

How do you celebrate you?

I'm present to all the pieces of me and celebrate it all - good + bad!  I know when I'm off, yet make a choice to let it go and be 100% myself.  That's a celebration!  Me being me.  The celebration may be a simple acknowledgment and actually sharing it with someone or it may be a simple acknowledgement and actually sharing it with someone or it may be an afternoon stroll through my favorite book store.  Simple pleasures fuel me.

What inspires you?

I'm truly inspired by so many things - which sounds so cliche. Each day I am amazed by the amount of inspiration surrounding us all if we simply take a moment to look up and be present.

My parents, who are unwavering in their love, support + generosity.

Mike, who is so clear on what he stands for and creates each day based on living his core values.

My brother, who follows his own bliss no matter what anyone thinks.

I'm inspired by anyone living life of their own terms - being crystal clear in who they are, standing for it and going for it.  THAT is inspiration!

What is your power outfit?

I feel powerful when I'm comfortable, and comfortable doesn't mean boring!  I love anything Heidi Merrick designs.  My Ace + Jig is unique and always get questions + comments.  Pair either of these designers with my Clare Vivier bag, a great pair of Mother jeans + my Vans and I'm good to go!

SING, what is your karaoke song?

Don't Stop Believin' in my anthem.  I've loved that song as long as I can remember.

How do you handle setbacks?

I believe I've grown so much in this area.  I used to live in the depths of it, beating myself up + playing the scenario over and over in my mind.  Now I've learned to see who I was in the situation and more importantly, who I needed to be.  I take complete responsibility, learn the lesson and move forward a wiser person.  Each setback is a space for me to reflect and recognize something greater is in control.

Gut reaction, what do you think of failure?

I love it!  If I'd not failed along the way, I would not be where I am today.  Each failure brought more clarity, ultimately bringing me closer to who I truly am.  I also learned what support through failure looks like - openly sharing brings support.  Good and bad, we're not in this life alone.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE.

+ Daily rituals - meditation, green juice, a good sweat

+ Quality time with Mike

+ Trusting my intuition - always.

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